Tram and Cable Car Coming to Trabzon Sürmene

Tram and Cable Car Coming to Trabzon Surmen
Tram and Cable Car Coming to Trabzon Surmen

Trabzon Tram and Cable Car to Surmene: Tram and cable car to Surmene district of Trabzon: 25-27 May Day event held in Atatürk Cultural Center in Ankara attracted great attention. As of 3 day, Trabzon Days event, which was visited by about 150 thousand citizens, was full. During our visit to Surmene, which has a remarkable appearance in the area, we met with Mayor Üstün on Sürmene.

Rahmi Usta, the Mayor of Sürmene, who provided explanations to the 61saat microphones related to the investments to be made, said X We have done projects so far. We have a pool project that is in the tender stage. The 2 school has made one of them a new one to be made. We couldn't agree with the monuments board. They said the board of monuments came last month, let's decide the next month. We're waiting for your decision. We have a cable car and nostalgic train line project. We have a tram project from the bottom of the hospital, which can go to the 2 side as in Taksim, Istanbul. The cost of going over the rails we will build on the street we call the art street is very high. Trabzon, metropolitan you know that Trabzon is doing the train line. If we can get them, we'il save it. If we can't, we'il find a source. Let them do promotion as ours. Prom

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