TCDD General Manager Apaydın Spoke in Productivity Panel

TCDD General Manager Apaydın Spoke in Productivity Panel: Efficiency Week events organized by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. With the participation of Faruk Özlü, 08 started in May in Ankara.

Quality and Productivity in Public Services

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın In the afternoon of the first day, moderated by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Deputy Undersecretary. Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt's k Quality and Efficiency in the Presentation of Public Services unda panel.

In his speech; After briefly touching on the history of change and development that TCDD had experienced during its long history starting with İzmir-Aydın Railway Line at 1856, he shared with the participants the huge projects that have been realized as a result of the large investments made since 2003 and the efficiency of the ongoing large investments.

X 2023 Billion TL Investment in 100 “

Underlining that the investments made in the railway sector since 2003 reached 60 billion, Apaydın said that this number will reach 2023 billion in 100.

Ti 32 Traveled with Million Passenger HRC “

Apaydın said that the 1213 km long YHT lines built up to this day connect the 7 provincial center and said that 32 has traveled with YHTs to date.

With the commissioning of HRCs, Apaydın emphasized that the average time saving rate is% 62, and% 72 in Ankara-Eskişehir line and% 14 in Ankara-Konya line are in demand. YHT'in 40'dan expedition numbers 50'ye reminding that the number of voyage Apaydın said there was an increase of% 25.

"Turkey is woven by Demirağ Distances are shorter"

Apaydın also talked about the ongoing YHT and HT Projects and stressed that the construction, tendering and project works continued on 9862 km in total and underlined the savings and efficiency provided by the big projects carried out by TCDD.

Apaydin; ”When our Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project is over, this will be the 2 hour, the 14 hours between Ankara and Izmir will be reduced to 3 and half an hour. One of our important projects in Bursa-Bilecik will be in Ankara and Istanbul at the 2 hour when the project ends.“

”Electrification and Signalization Boosted Efficiency“

Apaydin emphasizes the importance of electrification and signalization in terms of efficiency, 2003 2.122 2017 4.350 104 65 2003 2.249 increase with the increase of% 2017 increase in the rate of% 5.462 energy saving is provided, while 123 50 kmn signaling network in XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX length increased by an increase of% XNUMX line capacity of the increase of an efficiency increase of XNUMX underlined.

”Lines are Modernized“

In order to be efficient and efficient, the 10 thousand km railway was renewed and Apaydın said, eler We have renewed the 2003 of the line since 90, so the superstructure has been completely renewed, the tracks have changed, the ballasts have changed and the trains have been speeded up and secured Ver said.

”Level Crossing Accidents Low Geç

2003 558 2017 94 1.079 33 85 increase in the number of years as the number of XNUMX was taken out in the XNUMX, Apaydın said, X We have closed the XNUMX of level crossings, the rest of the rest of the barrier and signaled have made a large part. In this way, we reduced our accidents by% XNUMX Bö.

At the end of the panel Apaydın, TC Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Deputy Undersecretary. Dr. A plaque was given by Cevahir Uzkurt.

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