Description of Konya Metro from Tahir Akyürek!

Description of Konya Metro from Tahir Akyürek!

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek gave information to the architects about Konya Metro, which he said "will be a turning point". Mayor Akyürek stated that the second stage tender of the metro project will be held next year. Tahir Akyürek also talked about the ring road project.

Mayor Tahir Akyürek attended the consultation meetings of Konya Chamber of Architects as a guest this week.

President of the Chamber Mustafa Kaş, thanked Akyürek for his services.

Stating that they are always open to cooperation with local governments, Kaş expressed the expectations and demands of the architects and said, “Plan notes and council decisions are taken in large numbers and we have difficulties in implementing the regulation. If the municipality invites, we will definitely give one of our board members to the Urban Aesthetics Commission at the level of president or vice president ”.


Mayor Tahir Akyürek said that the architects had a special place in the change and development of the city.

Underlining that the exchange of ideas is important in terms of the aesthetics and identity of the city, Mayor Akyürek also mentioned the services provided at the transportation point of the city and said, “We have 8-10 more crossroads projects. Architects often do not see a solution to crossroads, but it is not a complete solution anyway, it just speeds up traffic. It produces relative solutions, no solution is 100 percent in these works… The point we are late is the ring road… According to the Traffic Transportation Master Plan, the ring road will take one third of the traffic out. It will provide a great opportunity. Unfortunately, as Konya, we were late as a country in this regard. This is a government project… During the Ahmet Davutoğlu period, it was tried to be designed, 68 kilometers of it were tendered during our new government period. It started from an easy place, the section from the Karaman road to the Istanbul road was tendered. " said.


Mayor Akyürek also informed the architects about the Konya Metro, which he said was yeni a new milestone in public transportation ”and said:

“Old Industry, Fetih Street, Ahmet Özcan, Station, Meram Municipality, Necmettin Erbakan University stage is the first stage… Approximately 25 kilometers. The second stage will be tendered next year. The section from the university to the Meram station. It will continue from the side of Aladdin Hill. Integrated with the existing tram line, from the pain of getting off and on board… I hope this year, if there is no problem in the possibilities, we will work on the rail system in two stages at the scale of the Transportation Master Plan, the street is integrated with the metro ... a stage that unites with the high-speed train in Old Industry… I instructed it as a project in another stage study. We want the Adliye-Aladdin Line to reach the City Hospital and then Aslım Street to the Organized Science Center ... "

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