State Railways Fail to Accept Project Will Be Tender

State Railways Fail to be Accepted Project will be re-procured: State Railways project about the output of two sunk in Mayor Kamil Saracoglu, speaking about the output of the project is wrong and the supply of the tender will be done, he said. The end of the sinking lasted until September.


Kütahya Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu evaluated the problems related to the sunk outputs that were planned by the State Railways to the Industry and Atatürk Boulevard. Saracoglu said that there were errors in the project and that the State Railways had accepted this mistake and that the tender would be rebuilt. President Saraçoğlu said: “We interviewed in Ankara about the submerged outputs. There is a mistake in the project. they are already voicing it themselves. There was a problem with the ground. Now the project is renewed and will be on the supply of supply. We're following him too. The region received the tender approval. We wanted a bargain tender. Because this auction period takes 2-3 months. We wanted the company to call and negotiate. Firm


The end of the 18 month does not extend to the end of the voicing Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu Sar discourse that the duration of the 18 month elongation is not real. The tender will be held and the business will continue. My guess is that it will end in August or September. The information we received would open in September. We're gonna be followers. The same situation in industry. We run both together. 1. OSB also had a nuisance about the inclination. 5 percent should be 7 percent of the inclination. He's not a nuisance. The problem is solved in this OIZ by pouring soil underneath. These errors are caused by the project. They are the project error of State Railways. We did it in the center. Same passage. There's no difference. We have done a thoroughness in the project without any hassle. They have made such a project that they live together his shortage, Bunlar he said.

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