Tramway road in Samsun returned from disaster

In Samsun, tram road was turned back. Despite the brakes of the tram to the woman in spite of the woman's attention to save the woman from getting under the tram.

10 October in Samsun 2010 the first time in the history of the tram to the way to begin the accident does not end. The images reflected on the security cameras on the tram line reveal the carelessness and carelessness of the people who come to the nose every other time.

Vatman noticed at the last moment
19 2017 May XNUMX on the side of the tram station next to the neighborhood of Denizevleri mobile phone with a woman trying to cross the line is recording. At the junction next to the station, the woman is waiting for the passing tram to cross. On the other hand, trying to cross the road without looking at the tram from the other side, the driver of the tram at the last moment and the brake disc notices the woman. But the driver of the car crashes even though he brakes. Trolley slammed woman's hand from the mobile phone and bag to one side of the other side of itself is thrown.

112 teams arrived
After striking the tram, she tries to help the woman by standing. Calling 112 Emergency Service teams on the scene when trying to help the women in the surrounding citizens. Incoming ambulance left the scene after treating the woman.

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