Response from the environmental organizations to the floating thermal power plant brought to Yenikapı for Marmaray

Response from the environmental organizations to the floating thermal power plant brought to Yenikapı for Marmaray: The: floating thermal power plant leyen moored to Yenikapı openings in order to provide electricity to Marmaray, representatives of the environmental organizations talking about the ship of Doğan Bey and the experts, pollution will increase. Ahmet Soysal, a public health expert, argued that the need for this ship used in earthquakes and natural disasters is related to the wrong energy policies.

The Dogan Bey ship süre floating thermal power plant ay, which is also known as the powership of Karadeniz Holding, was brought to Marmara for electricity supply to Marmaray. The ship, which was previously sent to provide electricity to the collapsed countries such as Iraq and the energy infrastructure, was hired by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

The question of how long to use it, what kind of fuel it uses and how it will affect the environment has been left unanswered. Ali Şeker gave a motion to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for a question.
Un This ship has now moved thermal power plants into Istanbul “

While these questions remain unanswered, environmental organizations and experts draw attention to another aspect of the issue.

Var There is an increasing number of thermal power plants in Marmara. They were mainly concentrating in the countryside and keeping them away from the city, but now they are doing it in the heart of the city, ve says Mehmet Baki Deniz from the Northern Forest Defense.

Acak They did this to Çatalca first, and then they will make a project that will directly affect İstanbul in Küçükçekmece. They put it right at the bottom of Istanbul. Tam

According to Deniz, one of the main reasons for the need for this ship is the long-standing expression of KOS mas the one-to-one example of the wild growth of Marmara and the fact that Istanbul is becoming ecologically inconceivable. Deniz
”Istanbul will have negative impacts on increased air pollution and climate change“

Mehmet Baki Deniz, who pointed out that mega projects put great pressure on Istanbul, says that even Marmaray, a transportation project, is now returning to Istanbul as ecological pressure and problem. According to Deniz, with this ship, thermal power plants will be moved into Istanbul.

Although there is no official data on which fuel the ship is operating, Deniz asserts that the ship can be added to fuel-oil, that is to say, a new air pollution can be added to the existing air pollution in Istanbul and that the ship will have adverse effects on increased air pollution and climate change.
According to Soysal, the ship works with natural gas

Public Health Specialist According to the information, Ahmet Soysal says that the ship works with natural gas: “The environmental impact of the natural gas cycle power plant has the same impact, g Soysal said. G The experience of this ship on human health is not in the world.

According to the Social mek ships of this kind are mostly made for the purpose of creating a temporary solution for the regions that have a disaster, war zones, and the energy deficit. For example, they worked in Iraq. Örneğin
. This ship is being used in areas where the energy infrastructure is damaged in earthquake-like situations. Kullanılıy

Soysal stated that there was a need for these ships at natural disaster or war zone points where energy infrastructure collapsed, and that the use of this ship for Marmaray could be explained by the inaccuracy of energy policies. Soysal, said:

Gem In your largest city, there is an energy deficit that you are using this ship. You use renewable energy. You have an energy policy, installed capacity and installed power. Your installed capacity consists of primary energy sources that balance each other. One of the deficiencies is closed with the other. You have your energy policy and a projection. You have made a plan to cover them. But if there is an energy deficit in your biggest city, this shows that there was no proper planning. Ama
Clean Air Right Platform: Ship will be a new emission source

In the statement made to the Green Newspaper on the subject, the Clean Air Rights Platform, which includes the expressions of eler Istanbul has become a city that has become more of a concrete mass and has a serious air pollution problem as a result of over-population growth and urbanization policies implemented ilişkin is also in the Gazete The green cover and the rapid destruction of the forests, which have an important role in eliminating the air pollution, also become the salt pepper. bulunan

Platform, Dogan Bey ship to Marmara brought to the attention of the increase in air pollution in the statement said the following words:

Olduğ It is clear that the ship in question is a new source of emission in the middle of the city, regardless of whether it consumes both fossil fuel and natural gas. Thus, a very important pollutant source will be added to the existing air pollution and this will cause the pollution level to be folded. Böylece

Kaynak As known, air pollution is considered to be one of the most important cancer-making sources by the World Health Organization. Other than cancer, air pollution causes many health problems, especially heart and circulatory system problems. Existing data indicate that every year in Turkey, 32.500 has died due to air pollution. Var

The Clean Air Right Platform, in its statement, rop Istanbul is among the dirtiest among the metropolises of the world tad gives the following data:

Iştir Previously, the studies conducted by our platform through the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (THHP) showed that the annual average of particulate matter for Istanbul was 2015 microgram / m53 in 3, while in 2016 this average was increased to 65 microgram / m³. Both levels are well above the acceptable limits of the World Health Organization (20 microgram / m³). Air pollution caused by urban transportation, domestic heating, industrial chimneys and recently increasing excavation and excavation activities in Istanbul constitute important causes of air pollution. Apart from these risks, pollution caused by sea traffic is also an important risk factor for Istanbul. Pollution from ship chimneys is high in terms not comparable to vehicle traffic. Ac

The statement demanded the immediate abolition of the power plant. Neden The presence of a thermal power plant in the middle of Istanbul, where air pollution is an important health threat due to all these reasons, is unacceptable. We want the plant to be removed urgently. Sant
Samsun people had fought against the mobile thermal power plant

In Samsun, where a similar floating thermal power plant was operated, the people had succeeded in 2003 and 2008 as a result of their struggle and prevented the use of the mobile power plant.

Cengiz Energy and the mobile power plant that Aksa wants to install in 2001 has faced the intense reaction of Tekkeköllists and democratic mass organizations because of damaging the environment and human health, and upon this, the Samsun Bar Association opened the first case to the Administrative Court at 11 March 2002. The Samsun Administrative Court stated that they were not authorized in the lawsuit filed, and the file 10. Sent to the Administrative Court, Ankara 10. 20 stopped the operation of the mobile power plants on February 2003.

The mobile power stations stopped by the court were re-activated at 1 August 2007 after the regulation change by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Upon this, the Samsun Bar Association decided to cancel the report in the same month as Ankara 10. The case was filed again by the Administrative Court and the case was concluded at 22 January 2008.

This time, Ankara 10. Against the decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution, the objection to the upper court by the relevant companies and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry was accepted by the Ankara Regional Administrative Court and the 10. The Administrative Court's decision to tekrar stop execution tekrar was abolished in March 2008, and the mobile power plants started to work again.

As a result of this process, the ür cancellation of the establishment license, case filed by the Bar Association with the Samsun Administrative Court, the firms that were canceled by the Administrative Court by the Administrative Court were sealed by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

The people of Istanbul, civil society organizations and professional chambers are expected to take examples from the struggle given in Samsun a decade ago, and the curiosity of the floating power plant in Istanbul.

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