Fast Train Ticket Prices

TCDD computerized ticket sales point
TCDD computerized ticket sales point

Express Train Ticket Prices 2017: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in operating lines of TCDD General Directorate of Transport Inc Those who are looking for the answer to the question of how much are the High Speed ​​Train ticket prices operated by ...

High Speed ​​trains include 2 type wagon, Business and Economy.

Cheap Ticket

Ticket that can be purchased until the departure time of the train is 72 hours. Also, tariff discount is not applicable.

Standard Ticket

5 can be taken to the movement of the train until the minute, only the 1 is the right to change the ticket as well as the right to be turned into an open ticket.

Flexible Ticket

3 is the type of ticket that is granted the right to change, return and open ticket.

YHT Plus

This service, called X Plus ”, includes catering services provided in the Business and Economy wagons and requires an additional fee of 15.00 TL.

For the passengers who purchase Plus service, breakfast is served in the morning (until 11.00), and hot food is served after 11.00, and refreshments are unlimited.


High Speed ​​Train Discount Rates

The different discount rates for the various passengers that will perform the High Speed ​​Train journey with farklı Standard Ticket ecek and ”Flexible Ticket“ are as follows.


% 20 Discount: 13-26 young people, 60-64 aged citizens, teachers, departure and return tickets, TSK members, Yellow Press Card holders and groups of at least 12

Free of charge: 0-6 children (provided that they do not have separate places), severely disabled citizens, war veterans and first-degree relatives, first-degree martyrs, state athletes.

Istanbul Eskisehir Fast Train Ticket Prices

Standard Ticket: 45.00 TL
Flexible Ticket: 54.00 TL
Business Standard Ticket: 65,50 TL
Business Flexible Ticket: 78,50 TL

Istanbul Konya Fast Train Ticket Prices

Standard Ticket: 85.00 TL
Flexible Ticket: 102.00 TL
Business Standard Ticket: 123,50 TL
Business Flexible Ticket: 148.00 TL

Istanbul Ankara Fast Train Ticket Prices

Standard Ticket: 70.00 TL
Flexible Ticket: 84.00 TL
Business Standard Ticket: 101,50 TL
Business Flexible Ticket: 122.00 TL

Ankara Konya Fast Train Ticket Prices

Standard Ticket: 30.00 TL
Flexible Ticket: 36.00 TL
Business Standard Ticket: 43,50 TL
Business Flexible Ticket: 52,50 TL

Eskisehir Konya Fast Train Ticket Prices

Standard Ticket: 38,50TL
Flexible Ticket: 46,50TL
Business Standard Ticket: 56.00 TL
Business Flexible Ticket: 67.00 TL

Speed ​​Railway Map of Turkey

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  1. However, there are some things that need to be done in the name of better management. Put a connection train from Eskişehir to Balıkesir-Bandırma direction, increase the comfort and speed of the train going from Eskişehir to İzmir direction and decrease the number of stops. Integrate the Konya blue train from Konya with the YHT coming from Ankara to Konya, thus providing integrated railway transportation to Afyon, butler and salihli turgutlu direction. Personally, I prefer the plane just because the road between Eskişehir and Izmir takes too long and the wagon comfort is not very good. Do these, you will discourage many people like me from the plane.

  2. "Put a connection train from Eskişehir to Balıkesir-Bandırma direction" instead of the Bursa connection made by Kamil Koç company from Eskişehir, Bandırma and Çanakkale connection can also be provided by express.
    You can also take a train from Konya to Adana-Gaziantep direction, which is integrated to Istanbul Konya YHT.
    Besides, it can be operated from Kars and it can be operated from konas to the Izmir direction. You can also take the train to Kars Mersin (from Erzincan to Malatya route). When the Samsun sivas road renewal is completed, the train can be serviced in Samsun Batman line.

  3. My last two suggestions are to connect to Antalya via Bandırma via Antalya, along with Boluma and Mersin.

  4. This service should be made available to our people until the Sarp border crossing. In addition, there is a discount for members of the TSK, but there is no discount to security personnel. Even teachers benefit from the discount. The security guards also get a discount.