New Vehicle Reinforcement for Alaşehir's Public Transport

New Vehicle Supplement for Public Transportation of Alaşehir: Within the scope of the transportation transformation project initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the past years, 20 new vehicles to be used in transportation between districts were brought to Alaşehir. Mümtaz Kahya, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor who gave the good news that new and modern public transportation vehicles will start to service, noted that the Metropolitan Municipality will continue the projects.

Within the scope of the transportation transformation project initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, a vehicle delivery ceremony was held in Alaşehir Cumhuriyet Square. Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Deputy Mümtaz Kahya, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya, Alaşehir Mayor Gökhan Karaçoban, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Mümin Deniz İsmail Ulutaş, Head of Motor Carriers Cooperative No. 60, Alaşehir and Its Neighborhoods, Mustafa Soyumert, Head of Center 1 City Cooperative No.5, Bünyamin Kapucu, Head of Chamber of Drivers, Cooperative Presidents, vehicle owners and citizens. After the merger of 60 cooperatives serving in Alaşehir, Uluderbent, Delemenler, Tepeköy, Yeşilköy and Killik under the No. 20 Alaşehir and Neighborhoods Motor Transporters Cooperative, the old and non-disabled vehicles used in public transportation are low base Jest brand suitable for the use of new, modern and disabled XNUMX renewed by vehicle.

Good luck

İsmail Ulutaş, Chairman of the Motor Carriers Cooperative of Alaşehir and Neighborhoods No. 60, took the floor on behalf of the cooperatives. Ulutaş stated that the public transportation service provided to the citizens will continue to be provided with better quality with modern vehicles, and thanked Manisa Metropolitan Municipality for their support. Speaking after Ulutaş, Karsan Marketing Manager Mehmet Apak also wished that the vehicles would be beneficial to the district.

We have removed the Transportation Main Plan across the Province

Mümtaz Kahya, the Mayor of Manisa, who came to the podium after the cooperative chairman İsmail Ulutaş, said, “Today we are in front of you with the renewal we have made in the transportation lines, buses and comfort of our Alaşehir district. While I feel the happiness of being together with you at the publicity ceremony of the renewed public transportation buses, I convey the greetings of our Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün Bey. As you know, under the leadership of our Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün, we made the Transportation Master Plans covering the whole of Manisa. Thus, we have registered the public transportation network of Manisa in general. engaged in this work can be managed in Turkey and we were one of 2 or 3 big cities, we wanted to mention peace of mind. After completing this work, we have started to put new transportation vehicles into operation by region, district, district, neighborhood, neighborhood. ”

Tools Modernized

Kahya, within the scope of Manisa Transportation Master Plan reports carried out 17 district and the districts of the districts providing public transportation services in accordance with today's technology, economic, comfortable, environmentally friendly, electronic ticket system, in-car cameras and low-based vehicles suitable for disabled transport reminded that they pioneered the construction. Kahya said, düzen These vehicles are rotating in order and in a row, in order to operate on the planned lines and routes within the regional pool system, the optimization and conversion works are continuing. Manisa Transportation Master Plan, within the scope of the Public Transport Optimization studies of the district center of the Alasehir 63 route documented vehicle 20 6 units XNUMX meter Karsan Jest, suitable for disabled access to low-based vehicles have been completed, Man he said.

5 Routing Done

Stating that there were arrangements in 5 routes: Alaşehir-Yeşilyurt, Alaşehir-Killik, Alaşehir-Delemenler, Alaşehir-Uluderbent and Alaşehir-Tepeköy, Kahya said, “As you can remember, on 26 April 2016; We opened the 20-meter 6-meter Karsan Gesture, which will serve in the Alaşehir center, by completing the conversion to low-floor vehicles suitable for disabled access. As Manisa Metropolitan Municipality; By purchasing 78 Karsan ATAK vehicles and 35 Karsan JEST, we have started to provide transportation services to 110 lines with 17 vehicles in total in 124 districts, including 105 new generation. Public transportation service with a total of 3 vehicles in our Alaşehir district, including 1 Karsan Atak and 4 Karsan Jest on the Alaşehir - Soğanlı, Kemaliye, Alaşehir - Piyatiçi, Alhan, Alaşehir - Tepeköy, Killik, Alaşehir - Yeşilyurt, Subaşı, Alaşehir - Sarıpınar and Alaşehir - Salihli routes. given. No one should doubt that we will make new plans and arrangements in line with the emerging conditions and rising population rates. ”

175 Transformed With 156 New Generation Vehicle

Kahya continued his speech as follows: “We transformed 175 vehicles serving in the district centers of Manisa with 156 new generation vehicles. Currently, public transportation services are provided with these vehicles. We will transform 918 vehicles serving district districts from district centers with 388 vehicles. So far, 223 of this transformation has been completed and 43 vehicles are delivered. We will transform 296 vehicles serving between Manisa and its districts with 134 vehicles. We have completed 59 of them so far, and 75 vehicles are being delivered. Public transportation vehicles of real and legal persons providing public transportation services are suitable for today's technology, economical, comfortable, environmentally sensitive, with electronic ticketing system, in-vehicle camera equipment and suitable for disabled access, and they are replaced by low-based vehicles and 711 vehicles from traffic are reduced. will provide. In other words, this transformation we provide provides added value to both our citizens, our driver and the environment. ”

Transitions can be painful

Kahya noted that there might be some minor problems in the transition process, ğ Of course, transitions, innovations can sometimes cause pain. However, it should be well known that we are working for the comfort and happiness of our citizens only and only under the leadership of our Mayor Mr. Cengiz Ergün and Alaşehir Mayor Gökhan Karaçoban. This was the way it was before this, and then it will be. Alaşehir district of the Metropolitan Municipality and Alaşehir Municipality do what they do. All this is a guarantee of what will be done in the future. With these feelings, I hope that the new vehicles will be beneficial to our district Alaşehir yeni.

Delivery of vehicles

Following the speeches, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mümtaz Kahya, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya, Alaşehir Mayor Gökhan Karaçoban, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Mümin Deniz, 60 Nolu Alaşehir and Neighborhoods Motor Carriers Cooperative President İsmail Ulutaş, Karsan Marketing Manager Mehmet Apak The turn-key ceremony of the vehicles was followed by the cut cake.

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