Successful Woman Driver of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Was Selected as the Driver of the Month

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality's Successful Female Driver was Chosen as the Captain Driver of the Month: Türkan Uysal, one of the successful female drivers of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, was awarded the captain driver of the month in urban transportation. kazanwas.

Türkan Uysal, one of the successful female drivers of the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, won 40 thousand of the 19 thousand games used in the Captain Drivers of the Month award, which is held quarterly by the Captains Club Platform under the auspices of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. kazanwas.

One of the 11 female drivers of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Türkan Uysal said that they provide service to the citizens in the city for a safe and comfortable travel in Muğla, and that if everyone loves his profession with his self-sacrifice, the successes and the awards will come. Türkan Uysal; "Turkey's most beautiful and free bus is often seen as a male profession in the city I'm doing the driving profession. With the support of our Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Dr.Osman Gürün, the number of female drivers in urban transportation is increasing day by day. I do my job with great support from my citizens and enjoy doing. The captain's driver of the month award made me very happy and proud to show that women can achieve everything in every area and to come to Muğla for this award. Tan

”We need our ideas, thoughts, predictions, their gracefulness, sensitivity and maternity in every area of ​​our women.“

Freedom, modernization, love and tolerance in the city of Muğla, positive discrimination in transportation by saying that they give importance to women drivers in Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gurun, said that Turkey's road to reach the level of contemporary civilizations in our great duties fall woman. Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün; "Ataturk; Women in social life will be the assistant and supporter of each other by walking together with men. Toplumsal He pointed to the importance given to social equality by giving women the right to vote and to be elected, even before European states, and has been an example to all states on the road to modernization. The city of love and tolerance, freedom in freedom of our women live in our city by making positive discrimination in the urban transportation buses have entrusted to our female driver 11. This number is increasing day by day, when applications and appropriate conditions are met. Our citizens are also pleased to see our female drivers on the wheel in urban transportation. In the professional sense, we need our women's ideas, thoughts, predictions, their elegance, sensitivity and maternity in every field. I congratulate my valued staff on behalf of all their friends and wish them success in their professional life. Or

İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Teknokent Arı In the award ceremony held at 3, Türkan Uysal from Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Ayhan Karaali from İstanbul Otobüs AŞ, and Ayüp Karslı from İETT, received N Captain Drivers of the Moon) awards. 'Awards to the Captain's Drivers of the Month; Duzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Head of Transportation Department Kader Sertpoyraz, Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Coordination Responsible Leader Oktay Arslan, Secretary General Onur Orhon, Temsa Corporate Communication Manager Ebru Ersan and Marketing Manager Feridun Tanir.

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