Modernization in Manisa

Transportation in Manisa Modernization: Within the scope of the transformation project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, a ceremony was held in the Ortaköy neighborhood of Yunusemre district for the new vehicle 43, which will be used in the Yunusemre district, Pelitalan, Çamlıca, Üçpınar, Maldan, Köseler, Durasallı and Düzlen routes. Mümtaz Kahya, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, wished that new and modern public transportation vehicles would be beneficial to Yunusemre district.

Within the scope of the transportation transformation project initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, delivery ceremony was held in Ortaköy neighborhood of Yunusemre district. Yunusemre district, Pelitalan, Çamlıca, Üçpınar, Maldan, Köseler, Durasallı and Düzlen on the route to the public transportation vehicles to the delivery ceremony, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mümtaz Kahya, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yilmaz Gencoglu, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Chairman Mümin Deniz Nursel Ustamehmetoğlu, Head of Department of Publications and Public Relations, Ersoy Arslan, Head of Department of Culture and Social Affairs, Ergün Aksoy, branch managers, Mehmet Gürler, Cooperative Head of 132, Sales Manager of Karsan Company Kaan Erkırtay, Council member Hüseyin Köroğlu, co-operatives, car owners and citizens attended. The vehicles used in public transportation on the Yunusemre district route were renewed with new, modern and low-end gesture brand 43 vehicles suitable for disabled people.

Acknowledgments to the Metropolitan Municipality

On behalf of the cooperatives, the cooperative head of 132, Mehmet Gürler took the floor. Gurler, the importance of modernization of public transportation service, the support of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa thanked. Karsan Company Sales Manager Kaan Erkırtay, who took the floor after Gürler, wished that 43 vehicles would be instrumental for Yunusemre district.

Modernization in Manisa

Karsan Sales Manager Kaan Erkırtay, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mumtaz Kahya took the floor. While Kahya started his speech, he conveyed the greetings of Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Municipality. Kahya, un I am happy to be together with you at the promotion ceremony of the renewed public transportation buses for the Yunusemre district. I present you the greetings of Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. As you know, we have conducted the transportation master plan covering the entire Manisa city by our Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün. After completing this study, we started to introduce new transportation vehicles in the region, district, neighborhood and neighborhood districts. Within the scope of Manisa Transportation Master Plan, Public Transportation Optimization studies, we have completed the transformation of 80 route documented vehicle working in the neighborhoods of Yunusemre district center into two low-cost vehicles with 43 6 meter Karsan Jest in the two separate cooperatives. On existing routes; Manisa- Üçpinar, Manisa-Pelitalan, Manisa-Camlica, Yuntdagi Cooperative, Manis-Maldan, Manisa-Köseler, Manisa- Durasalli, and Manisa-Düzlen were organized as 7 routes. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality by the 78 Karsan Atak vehicle and 35 Karsen Gesture by taking the total 17 124 105 vehicle was started to provide service even 2. Yunusemre district; Public transport service is provided by XNUMX vehicle in Manisa- Küçüksümbüller, Manisa- Çınarlıkuyu, Prison, Manis-Uzunburun routes in total. We will make new plans and arrangements according to the needs that will arise in line with the developing conditions and increasing population rates. No doubt about it Bundan.

Optimize and Conversion Continues

Kahya, within the scope of Manisa Transportation Master Plan reports carried out 17 district and the districts of the districts providing public transportation services in accordance with today's technology, economic, comfortable, environmentally friendly, electronic ticket system, in-car cameras and low-based vehicles suitable for disabled transport reminded that they pioneered the construction. Kahya said, larda These vehicles are rotated in a regular order and in a row, optimized and transformed in order to work on the planned routes and routes within the regional pool system.

175 Transformed With 156 New Generation Vehicle

Kahya continued his speech as follows: “We transformed 175 vehicles serving in the district centers of Manisa with 156 new generation vehicles. Currently, public transportation services are provided with these vehicles. We will transform 918 vehicles serving district districts from district centers with 388 vehicles. So far, 223 of this transformation has been completed and 43 vehicles are delivered. We will transform 296 vehicles serving between Manisa and its districts with 134 vehicles. We have completed 59 of them so far, and 75 vehicles are being delivered. Public transportation vehicles of real and legal persons providing public transportation services are suitable for today's technology, economical, comfortable, environmentally sensitive, with electronic ticketing system, in-vehicle camera equipment and suitable for disabled access, and they are replaced by low-based vehicles and 711 vehicles from traffic are reduced. will provide. In other words, this transformation we provide provides added value to both our citizens, our driver and the environment. ”

Working for Citizen's Comfort

Kahya noted that there may be some minor difficulties in the transition process. Bir A new system, a new transportation line, is being implemented in our district in Yunusemre. Of course, transitions, innovations can sometimes lead to pain. However, it should be well known that we, the Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Cengiz Ergün, are working under the leadership of the brain only for the comfort and happiness of our citizens. This was the way it was before this, and then it will be. Yunusemre in our district, Yuntdağı our work in the region is clear. MASKI General Directorate of infrastructure work carried out by our Metropolitan Municipality, asphalt works carried out by our many beautiful work is obvious. All this is a guarantee of what will be done in the future. With these feelings, I hope that the new vehicles will be beneficial to our district of Yunusemre and our brothers who live in Yuntdağı region. I would also like to thank the Presidency of Transportation Department, the co-operatives and management and the driver brothers. 11 the month of the month of the month of Ramadan, if Allah will grant the blessed month of Ramadan. On this occasion, we congratulate your Ramadan month; I entrust you all to God. Thank you, be there. Sağ

Delivery of vehicles

After the speeches, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mümtaz Kahya, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Mümin Deniz, Karsan firm sales manager Kaan Erkırtay, the vehicles were delivered after the key cut ceremony ceremony. Deputy Mayor Mümtaz Kahya visited the vehicles and received information.

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