Literature Symposium Begins at the Train

Literature Symposium Starts in the Train: Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Şirin attended the presentation of “Train in International Literature, Literature Symposium on Train Tr. The symposium will take place between 12-14 May.

Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Sirin,. Train in International Literature, Literature Symposium on the Train Ş attended the meeting. The symposium will take place between 12-14 May.

Train in International Literature, before the Symposium on Literature in Train, Turgutlu Governor Turgut Uğur Turan, Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Şirin, TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay, Prof. Dr. Tuğçe Koçman University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. Dr. Namık Açıkgöz attended. stating that organized a symposium for the first time in the train in the world and Turkey Mayor Turgay Cute "Today is a very meaningful and important event, and we organized a symposium to promote research in order to sign a protocol about it. As you know, cultural studies are very important for us. In the coming days we will be opening our city museum and the international Turgutlu Symposium which we realized last November.

İzmir-Kasaba Railway, as it is known, is one of the first railway routes of the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia. This line, which started to work in 1860s, is one of the most important factors that make the regional trade and thus the production in the region increasingly increasing. Therefore, it will not be wrong to connect the railway to the railway with the advantage that the economic prosperity level of the town was established on the fertile soil of the Gediz Basin. Based on this fact, the train in literature, which will be organized by the association of related institutions, will bring the trains, stations and railway to the agenda again in addition to the firsts they will host in the symposium titled ac Train on Train Bu. Trains and railways will be presented with various papers from the literature framework.

I would like to once again express my appreciation for Turgutlumuz from hosting such a valuable symposium. As everyone knows closely or remotely related to literature, the concepts of train, travel, road, and travel are the concepts that literary works use very often. Therefore, when there are also textologists in the work, we look forward to the subtext readings of literary works in the papers to be presented. On this occasion we have this event in cooperation with the General Directorate of the organization of the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, Celal Bayar University, Institute of Turgutlu District and Metinbil I would like to thank the Association; I wish our symposium to be successful. Also, I would like to thank our Gar Chef once again for his contribution to the City Museum and to thank you once again. Ayrıca



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