Attention to Running Traffic on Sunday in Izmir

Due to the international sports event, Wings For Life World, which Izmir will host for the second time, the streets in the track will be closed to traffic "during the race" on Sunday, May 7, from 13:00. Within the scope of the race organized to help against spinal cord paralysis, some arrangements were made on the bus lines on the route.

For spinal cord Wings held worldwide for finding a cure for the disease Life World Run will be held in Turkey in Izmir feet. Due to the race to be held on Sunday, it will start at the Kültürpark Lausanne Gate and turn to Liman, Altınyol, Karşıyaka 100: As of 12, the Traffic Department of İzmir Police Department will gradually shut down the route on the route covering the 00 km route towards Menemen. Participants from Kültürpark Karşıyakaup to the traffic direction, Karşıyaka-Mavişehir will run from the opposite direction of traffic.

Rail system and sea transport recommended
For this reason, the lines numbered 126-135-136-137-197-222-258-326-430-435-487-847-853-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX Karşıyaka Bahriye Üçok instead of pier; The lines 227-229-423-428-429-442-443-445-446-447-547-595-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX, which uses Cahar Dudayev Boulevard, will make the last stop at Bostanlı Iskele Mavişehir Transfer Center.

12-63-70-80-90-121-202-251-252-253-255-581-802-811 using the arteries in the city center -77-78-125-140-147, 148 using Cemal Gürsel Street, 200-240-335 using Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Boulevard and 477-543-800 361 149 751 777 9 750 756 850-XNUMX it is recommended that citizens in this region use subway-suburban-ferry flights during the race.



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