Signature for two new metro lines in Istanbul

Two new metro lines were signed for Istanbul: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took another giant step towards its goal of "Subway everywhere, metro everywhere". Contracts for Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli and Sarıgazi-Taşdelen-Newborn Metro Lines, which will ease the transportation of the Anatolian Side, were signed with a ceremony attended by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş. Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “Our line will be put into service in 2020. "Everywhere will be close, not far points."

The contract for the 10,9 km Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli and 6,95 km Sarıgazi-Taşdelen-Yenidoğan Metro Lines was signed with a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş. The signing ceremony held at the Saraçhane Presidential Building was attended by IMM Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, Deputy Secretary General Eyyüp Karahan, Çekmeköy Mayor Ahmet Poyraz, Sultanbeyli Mayor Hüseyin Keskin, contractor firms, Doğuş Construction, Özaltın Construction and Construction Center Business Partners.

Mayor Kadir Topbas, in his speech at the ceremony, everywhere, metro, everywhere they set off with the goal of metro and Istanbul's transportation is very important for the transportation of two new metro lines that they are happy to sign, stating that ğı for Istanbul is very important for the transportation of a new contribution that will We are together to sign the contract of our subway line. I say goodbye to Istanbul. I believe that 2020 will be put into service in the year and so our people will be able to easily reach to the other end of Istanbul. İnan

Noting that the measure of the civilizations of the cities depends on the rate of people using public transportation, Mayor Topbas said, ün The city is so civilized that people can use public transportation for accessing places. They must be safe, comfortable, quality and fast to use. That's where we put all our sensitivity. And when we started working at 2004, we discussed Istanbul in the 14 department in our Istanbul Metropolitan Planning Center. From the ecology to the infrastructure has been evaluated and transportation master plans appeared. In this system, whether rail systems, rubber wheels, sea transport, all transportation networks, how the feasibility of the decision emerged. Thus, we started to take steps to ensure quality and comfortable access in Istanbul. Böylece

Mayor Kadir Topbas stated that the daily mobility in Istanbul is around 30 million and he said: civarında As cities develop, 3 is the daily mobility of city population. It is based on the economy and is based on the developed city. 2004 11 million in Istanbul, the daily mobility of nearly 30 millions came to the millions. In the near future this will find millions of 45-50. Therefore, we have put the priority of Istanbul's transportation systems at the top priority. In other words, the more accurate and regular the transportation systems we can call a substructure of a city, the higher the quality of life in that city, the more competitive power and the windows opening to employment. We have allocated a large portion of our budget, around 50, our investment opportunities. To date, as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 13 has invested only in the year of 42 billion or even 43 billion in Istanbul. As of 2017, we have an investment-related investment program around 5 billion TL. When Istanbul is built with the metro networks, it is possible to use the city much better and to make our business more successful and to relax the city life without wasting time. In

X When we took office, there was a rail system at 45 km in Istanbul as a rail system, km said Topbas. Da We currently have about 150 miles. The construction is ongoing 197 km. We have a 82 line with a total of 6 miles. Then a plus 72 km line is activated. Together with these, we did not exceed our 400 kms, but beyond that, even 776 said that beyond a 1000 km rail system can reach the metro and reach to every point of the city in walking distance, at maximum half an hour when walking to Istanbul. it's going to be possible. This is not a dream, it is a fact. Millions of people will be able to reach every point of Istanbul. No more distant spots will be close to each side. He can go to the workplace where he sits. This is the possibility of civilization and we tried to put it out, Bu he said.

Stating that the two lines from Çekmeköy, Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli will facilitate access to the city center from these districts, President Kadir Topbaş said that the total cost of the two lines is 2 billion 342 million TL. Topbaş stated that they made their arrangements according to the density and demand. Söz Currently, we have made the tender and we will sign the contract consists of two lines on the basis of the line. First of all we started from the city center. The maximum density is almost out of demand, starting from there to the outside. There are two lines here. Cekmekoy, Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli. We saw how much demand came from the public and how difficult it was to reach the city. As a business, we took our steps with the decision that the metron was a more accurate mechanism in urban traffic, although we bought new buses in areas where we were forced by rubber tires. Of course the costs are very high. There is no municipality in the world that makes a metro. We made this sacrifice as soon as possible to solve the city's transport system. We organized our work accordingly. Two lines are a total of 17,85 km. The two lines that we will sign today will cost us two lines, but only one line is the cost of 2 billion 342 million TL. I say with sincerity that our budget balances continue in a very real way. We have a realization of up to 98. we don't owe a state a state or a financial institution. Contractors who do business to us are paid very soon. I want to express that we are successful in money management, human management and time management. I always tell my friends that we need to make the tenders of the metro areas in the city as soon as possible, but in the future will be difficult to pay, the financial crisis will not be a municipality. Paying attention to this, we take the steps of Istanbul's transportation axles Buna.

“I believe that these days will be honored in the future. In the future, such a metron, so much work to be done with gratitude, “said Mayor Topbaş said: en In the past, only the 2-3 junction was made when a big event occurred in the city. Mr. Sozen was able to finish the two at the 4 junction and finished both of them when Mr. President became president. We have now made the junction and underpass around 370. They are now seen as an ordinary business. Tunnel roads are now so normal that we do not mention much. We're talking metros now. We're even talking about unmanned metros. We speak of much more advanced technologies. Istanbullular convinced that we can do these things to us 3 period, they gave us this service. If we say anything we surely do, we don't say anything we can't do, they know it. Our stance is clear, our attitude is clear. We are proud and proud of serving Istanbul. Istanbul is a very good reference. Doing business in Istanbul is an important reference for doing business in other cities around the world. Because they know our sensitivity because of the Presidency of the World Union of Municipalities. They know the quality of Istanbul. If work is done here is preferred elsewhere. Thus, we are proud of our companies to take business abroad. Böylece

He also mentioned the reason for the delay of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro line and said Ümran Unmanned metro system is working in a few cities in the world. One of them is Istanbul. The testing of this system takes a long time. 1 years in some cities, such as 8 months. You're setting up a system that doesn't stop. In everything, the system is fully automatic. Because many trials are done, some delays are compelled to emerge. This is the reason why Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy line is delayed. If we had put a normal system there, we opened it a few months ago. But we said it would be very advanced technology. These are the latest models. Manufactures without samples in the world. I would like to thank my friends for their success in this city. We're getting a wagon. The 800 wagon will go towards the 5 bin wagon. But the most important part of the wagons is the software part. We have not thought about it constantly how we bring this technology supplier to Turkey. And now with ASELSAN 3 about doing this part of the software. We're on stage. In Turkey, the first time we have done this software, "he said.

Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe - Sultanbeyli Metro Line will consist of 9 stations.
10,9 km Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe - Sultanbeyli Metro Line, starting from the tail tunnel end of the Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy Metro Line, which is under construction, respectively, Meclis Mahallesi, Sarıgazi (integration station), City Hospital, Abdurrahmangazi, Samandıra, Veysel It will pass through Karani, Hasanpaşa and Sultanbeyli Stations and end at the end of the tail tunnel on the side of Sultanbeyli TEM road.

By Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe - Sultanbeyli Metro Line
• Sarigazi - Taksim 49,5 minutes
• Sarigazi - Kadıköy 31 minutes
• Sarıgazi - Kozyatağı 18 minutes
• Sarıgazi - Sabiha Gökçen Airport 28 minutes
• Sarigazi - Sultanbeyli 13 minutes
• Sarıgazi - Tuzla 48 minutes
• Sarigazi - Uskudar 33 minutes
• Sarigazi - Yenikapi 42 minutes
• Sultanbeyli - 3. Airport 89 minutes
• Sultanbeyli - Taksim 62,5 minute
• Sultanbeyli - Yenikapı 55 minute
• Sultanbeyli - Uskudar 46 minutes

Hospital - Sarıgazi - Çekmeköy Taşdelen - Newborn Metro Line will consist of 6 stations.
The 6,95 km Hospital - Sarıgazi - Çekmeköy Taşdelen - Newborn Metro Line will start from the tail tunnels before the Hospital Station, pass through the Hospital, Sarıgazi (integration station), Aydınlar, Güngören, Taşdelen Stations, and end at the end of the Newborn Station tail tunnel.

Hospital - Sarıgazi - Çekmeköy Taşdelen - With the Yenidogan Metro Line
• Newborn - 28 minutes in Umraniye
• Newborn - Üsküdar 40 minutes
• Newborn - Yenikapı 49 minutes
• Newborn - Kadıköy 38 minutes
• Newborn - Sabiha Gökçen Airport 35 minutes

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