Istanbul's New Guide, "IMM Istanbul" Application Has Been Launched

Istanbul's New Guide “IMM Istanbul” Application Has Come to Life: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is an example of world metropolises in the category of smart cities, is launching a new service. With the “IMM Istanbul” mobile application, all municipal services can be accessed from a single point.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is a pioneer in the use of technology, is putting together an innovative service. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is moving its municipal services one step further and starting to provide services from mobile applications. Thanks to the mobile applications compatible with Android and IOS devices, it is possible to reach all IMM services in daily life from traffic situation to public transportation, from white table to IMM Wifi points.

Istanbullularin guide to the city's current traffic information can be received in real time. With IMM Istanbul application; Passengers who use public transport such as buses, subways, mines and ferries can plan their transportation routes in real time. With the Smart Parking Systems included in the application, the users looking for the car park can reach the closest indoor and outdoor parking information.

IMM Istanbul application offers the opportunity to benefit from White Table services instantly. Istanbulites can convey their wishes, complaints and opinions to the relevant units without any time and space constraints and they can follow the status of their applications instantly.

The City Guide, which is among the applications of IMM Istanbul, is; pharmacies, libraries, social facilities, sports facilities and points of contact with many important points such as contact points are given.

There is room for our friends in IMM Istanbul. Information about our lost and possessed animal friends is available in the Vetistanbul section of the application.

While many places such as IMM Wifi Square and Park, and uninterrupted internet access in metrobuses can be found in the application, the news about Istanbul can be followed in the Current News section.

Touristic cameras located in different points of Istanbul can also be accessed thanks to this application. Thanks to the application, it can quickly access up-to-date information with Square Codes, which are used in many places from İBB related sites to social facilities, from sports halls to tourist areas.


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