Sakarya's Traffic Problem Cannot Be Invoiced to Ada Express

Sakarya's Traffic Problem cannot be billed to Ada Express: Transportation-You Sakarya Branch President Ömür Kalkan, in his written press statement, claimed that the Adapazarı Express did not come to Adapazarı Station and said, “The bill for the traffic problem in Sakarya cannot be charged to Adapazarı Express. These types of excuses are nothing but distracting the public. " said.

Chairman of the Turkish Transport-Sen Sakarya Branch Chairman Ömür Kalkan said in a written statement, m 1 2017 8 XNUMX is thought to be run as a mutual XNUMX expedition, which is thought to be running in the Adapazarı Express that Mithatpaşa station will appear until. Adapazarı Express is not enough to enter Adapazarı Station even if it has all the physical conditions, direct travel advantage and the city center feature which is the reason for the preference of the passengers! Türlü

Engel The city traffic is faster than the level crossings 2300 hp Adaray, and the number of expeditions 8 hp ADA Express, which is thought to be 6800 in the first place, is not an obstacle for traffic.

Also; The bill of traffic in Sakarya cannot be cut to Adapazarı Express. This type of excuse is nothing but stalling public opinion. Many years ago to remove the railroads from the city center to remove the rails of our neighboring Kocaeli today to relieve the urban traffic by extending those rails routes again. The view of those who direct our city to the railroads that have become the symbol of the modern city concept deeply upset us. Moreover, there is a factory in the city that aims to become a shareholder in the world from the wagon sector, like TÜVASAŞ, a subsidiary of TCDD Üst

“With the conversion of Adapazarı Gar's 64 acreage to the commercial area, only the land value is 500-600 million pounds. The main obstacle in front of the Adapazarı Express is this high-cost garage. Otherwise, there is no reason to not to take trains to Adapazari Station from Mithatpaşa station, which is 2,5-3 kilometers away.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is planning to construct a new railway station for Mithatpaşa and to organize project competitions for this purpose. TCDD can make its own station or station.

Sakarya people want to see Adapazari Express at Adapazari Station. We expect our Sakarya politicians, who act as if there is no such problem and remain silent, to be right-handed and bring solutions to the issue.



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