Build-operate Open Vessel for Monorail or Cable Car from Gökçek

Gokcek Monorail or Build-Operate for Teleferik Open Voucher: OSTİM OSB President Orhan Aydın criticized the Metropolitan Municipality for the words Ç The industry in Ankara is not used sufficiently Başkan. President Gökçek pointed out the new terminal planned to be built in Mamak and pointed out the monorail and ropeway line projects which are planned to be used for transportation to the city hospitals.

During the protocol signed between the 11 Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) operating in Ankara and the Metropolitan Municipality in the previous day Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall, the topic of Sanayi domestic purchase N came up. OSTİM OSB President Orhan Aydın, who came to the stage after the opening speech of the Mayor Melih Gökçek, said that the Metropolitan Municipality did not use the industry in Ankara adequately and said:


In There is something overlooked for Ankara's development. In the purchasing policies of the Metropolitan Municipality, we do not use the industry in Ankara adequately. The world's most qualified construction machines, metro vehicles are made in Ankara. Bangkok's subway is being built in Ankara. But the opening of a Chinese subway in Ankara makes us feel uncomfortable. We can not put the metro vehicle produced in Ankara on the lines of Ankara. That's enough for all of us. In addition, we have to give priority to supplying the devices and tools in Ankapark from Ankara. The most important industrial city in Turkey, Ankara. If we use this in our own needs; our city, our country, employment will be contribution. rim


OSB chairmen after the speech "I wanted to talk about the speech of Mr. Orhan Bey," he came to the podium again, President Gökçek, said:
Tane Currently, the Ministry of Transport is producing 147 vehicles in Sincan Organize. In addition, as a result of our cooperation with ASELSAN, the deletion of our 3 vehicle was renewed. In the next two years, we would like to relieve the transportation through monorail or cable car in Ankara. We have two city hospitals. We are making efforts in the direction of removing the heavy traffic in the region of these hospitals with the monor. We also have contacts with many companies. But our condition here is build-operate. If you have friends who will do with the build-operate in organized industrial zones, open check from here; Let's just sit down and talk. We also have a route to Dikmen and our new bus station to go to Mamak. These lines are either monorail or ropeway, which you can choose from if you prefer. Bu


On the other hand, the Minister Özlü said that it is important for municipalities to prefer domestic products in their purchases. Noting that Ankara is an industrial city, Özlü said:, Today, our OIZs have a very important role to play as an industrial city. The number of parcels that were put into production until 2002 in the OIZs in Ankara was 5 bin 875. 2003-2016 5 thousand 285 parcels began production in the years. At this point, taking responsibility for our Metropolitan Municipality has a great value for our OIZs. In the OIZs with improved infrastructure facilities, we hope to see more investments and production. Municipalities in their purchases of local products to prefer, to contribute to our national defense is very important. In this regard, the price advantage up to 15 in favor of domestic products, with the new product reform package 15 percent of the fixed "he said.


Mayor Melih Gökçek and 11 OSB President signed the 'Free infrastructure investment protocol to support the employment of the capital of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü made. According to the Protocol, the Metropolitan Municipality in order to improve the working environment of the industrialists and their employees with the OIZs in Ankara; It will perform road and asphalt construction, pavement, art structures, landscaping, afforestation, maintenance and repair works in OIZs free of charge. In return, the OIZs will increase their employment and support.

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