Train Crash in Germany! Fast Train ICE Derailed

Train Accident in Germany! High Speed ​​Train Derailed: High-speed train (ICE) from Düsseldorf to Berlin in Germany derailed. While 2 people were injured in the accident, disruptions continue to occur in train services.

A train accident occurred at the train station in the city of Dortmund. 2 people were slightly injured as a result of the derailment of the high-speed train from Düsseldorf to Berlin.

While the wounded were taken to hospital, train delays were experienced.

Authorities, Dortmund Central Train Station-linked train that will perform the citizens, the website warned to check the current train hours.

Great damage to the railway, the crane of the day-long train tried to lift the wagons of the train. Authorities, which will perform the train to Dortmund Central Railway Station, the citizens warned to check the current train hours from the website.

There was no explanation as to why the accident occurred during the investigation.

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