Ditch Interchange level crossing into traffic

The crossing of Duden Intersection is being closed down to traffic: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Düden Level Interchange Project will be closed to traffic at the crossroads of Düden-Katlı Interchange from May onwards. Traffic will be provided by alternative routes.

The work of Düden-Level Interchange Project, which will provide great relief to the transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya, continues rapidly. In the tunnel and level crossings in front of the Kepez municipality and at the intersection of Sakarya Boulevard, the end stage works that will connect the Yeşilırmak and Kızılırmak streets under the Düden Junction will start on Monday, May.

In the context of the works that will connect the Yeşilırmak-Kızılırmak streets with the tunnel under the Düden Junction, 1. stage and 2. in addition to stage work; The crossroads of Kızılırmak Street between 2757 Street and Gazi Boulevard and the crossing of the Düden-Katlı Interchange will be closed for traffic from May to May.

During the intersection works, the vehicles going to Varsak from the city center will be able to connect to Yeşilırmak Street using 2757 Street, 2814 Street and Gazi Boulevard Side Road, 2202 Street, 2258 Street and Osman Yüksel Serdengeçti Street.

If you want to go to the city center Vsak 2452 Street, 2428 Street, Karayusuf Street, Light Street, 2178 Street, Gazi Boulevard Side Road, 809 Street, 786 Street, 798 Street and Kizilirmak Street can reach using 805 Street.

Means to go from West to Varsak; By using Düden Katlı Junction, you can connect to 2818 Street, 2753 Street, 2814 Street and Gazi Avenue side road.

The vehicles going to the west from the city center will be able to use Karacaoğlan Street. Alternative routes will be used during the last stage.

The authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality warned the citizens to consider the information and direction signs to ensure the continuity of the traffic flow.

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