Disability Week Activities in Metro Istanbul

Disabled Week Activities in Metro Istanbul: Metro Istanbul organized an event at the Yenikapı Metro Station with the slogan "No Barriers for Us" within the scope of the "Disabled Week".

Eşref Armağan, who took his place among the world-famous painters with his paintings that he reflects the colors and the concept of three dimensions by touching with his fingertips despite the visual impairment, at the event where ISEMX Handicapped Music Group, co-ordinated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Persons Directorate, took place.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, Metro İstanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu and Eşref Armağan cut the opening ribbon of the exhibition together.

Hayri Baraçlı, the Secretary General of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they are working with the citizens by understanding the disabled people while revealing the targeted service understanding in Istanbul.

Metro Istanbul General Manager Mr. Kasım Kutlu said that they organized this event in terms of showing sensitivity to disabled people and said there were also disabled citizens among company personnel.

Kutlu said, “A certain part of our staff is our brothers with disabilities, and we try to ensure the accessibility of our disabled brothers by touching 2 million people a day. Our mayor has given us all kinds of spending authority in terms of improving the opportunities of disabled people in metro transportation and ensuring standards ”.

Armağan, a naturally handicapped painter, told the participants of the exhibition the stories of his works and drew the metro station on paper. Armağan, who sat in the seat of the patrol by switching to the subway cabin, used the subway in the direction of Yenikapı-Şişhane. Metro Istanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu accompanied Armağan, who made public announcements to the passengers. Armağan also used the metro on the Yenikapı-Şişhane route.

Painter Eşref Armağan made suggestions to the disabled and their families who were offended by life. At the end of the event, Armağan gave Baraçlı a gift by signing a painting of his own. Baraçlı also presented flowers to Armağan.

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