Today in History: 1 May 1935 Aydın Railways by the government ...

Today in History
1 May 1877 Baron Hirsch, in his letter to the office of chancellor, stated that he would continue the services of Rumeli Railways Company sincerely during the war. During the war, military transport would be paid for later. After the war was over, the company decided to stop the troops from moving to pay the money later. During the war, the government also had to pay the transportation fees of the migrants.
1 May 1919 Since then, the operation of the railway commissioner between Nusaybin and Akçakale has been terminated and the railway has been transferred to the British-controlled company.
1 May 1935 The contract was signed to ensure the purchase of Aydın Railways by the government. Contract 30 was approved in Parliament in May.

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