CHP's Şeker asked Prime Minister about floating thermal power plant

CHP's Şeker asked the Prime Minister for a floating thermal power plant: CHP Istanbul Deputy Dr. Ali Şeker recently brought the floating thermal power plant “Doğan Bey”, which was anchored off Yenikapı, to the agenda of the parliament.

Candidate of CHP, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim asked to answer the question of the power cuts caused by Marmaray and the energy deficit to solve the floating thermal power plant ship to the Yenikapi posed questions about the ship.

After the operation of the Marmaray system, the power cuts in the city caused by Marmaray to meet all the energy needs of the city network to remind the remembrance of the establishment of a thermal power plant in the heart of Istanbul to open the way which institutions, after which the decision to learn what they want to say Dr. said. Ali Şeker told Prime Minister Yıldırım that ik Is the knowledge that a thermal power plant will be built in the middle of a metropolis where more than one million people live like 15 like Istanbul? Fazla and asked fazla Has an environmental impact assessment of this floating thermal power plant been made?

CHP Istanbul Deputy Ali Şeker, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım asked the following questions in the question submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly:

  • What legal savings have been made by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Market Supervisory Board, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality?
  • How will the floating thermal power plant work in the center of Istanbul affect the air quality of Istanbul, which is above the World Health Organization standards?
  • What is the installed capacity of the ship, which is said to be the name of Doğan Bey, who is approaching Yenikapı to produce energy? What is the fuel this ship will use to generate energy? How many kilowatt hours will 24 generate in hours? What is the amount of fuel that will be used to generate energy during the same period?
  • In order for the floating thermal power plant to be released into the environment, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, volatile organic substances, heavy metals and other pollutant toxic substances are known to have adverse effects on human and environmental health. Is the holder / cleaner mechanism present?
  • How much (how many units) of toxic substances will be released into the air in return for the energy produced from the chimneys of the ship every day?
  • Is it correct to know that the Marmaray system has power outages due to the use of city electricity? Is there an engineering error in the calculation of the electricity need to be required during the installation of the Marmaray system?
  • Which company belongs to Doğan Bey? Who are the partners of this company? How has the tender process been run in the selection of the ship named Doğan Bey?
  • What will be the production cost of the produced electrical energy? What will be the selling price of electricity that the ship will supply to Marmaray? If more energy is generated and supplied to the city network, what will be the sale price of this electricity to the people of Istanbul?

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