Bus Operators Gathered in Malatya

Bus Operators Gathered in Malatya: ileri Law and Information Systems Commission 2, organized by the Bus Operators Association (OİDER) and hosted by MOTAŞ. Consultation Meeting ”was held in Malatya. Conducting the public transport services of the different provinces of Turkey meeting of municipal officials who joined the company.
Aysun Durna, Secretary General of the Bus Operators Association (OİDER), made the opening speech at the meeting. In his speech, Durna gave the opening reasons and the activities of the association. He emphasized the importance of acting together, being together

In the name of MOTAŞ, which is hosting the program, Operation Manager Gökhan Beler gave a speech. Beler, who says he is an old rail system worker, stated that the discipline was created in the rail system in public transportation. Noting that the discipline in rail public transportation system is not yet completed in bus operation;
Ğ there is a lack of legislation and legislation related to this. We still don't have public transport law. The law on public transport needs to be far more comprehensive than a law that only emphasizes 65 age. In particular, a law on public transport with a tire wheel, which contains the necessary criteria and qualifications from its personnel to its vehicle, has to be prepared and made into a law. This has become a non-postponed need. It is vital to ensure the sustainability of public transport rules. Because we serve people who are the most gifted creatures. We don't have the luxury to make mistakes.

We are constantly in the field, we encounter the most troubles. However, we cannot forward our problems to the institutions and to our interlocutors. In order to be able to communicate correctly and meet our expectations, we need to communicate our problems correctly to our interlocutors. For this, we should put the name of the problem right and make the definition clear.

The establishment of the Association of Bus Operators was accurate in order to ensure that all our problems are correctly identified, delivered to their place and solutions are found. We needed a great deal for bus operators this association. Good luck to all of us.

I would like to thank you for your participation in the organized program and welcome you to Malatya atya.
Muhammet Demirel, Head of the Electrical and Electronic Systems Department of MOTAŞ, mentioned about MOTAŞ's field of activity, the lines that surround the city as well as the information and data about the passengers carried on these lines.

After the speeches, commission work was carried out.

Various issues were discussed in the commission work in groups. The problems of public transporters were discussed. There was an exchange of ideas about what could be done for better public transport.

The importance of acting together in communicating the problems encountered by public transporters to the competent authorities was mentioned.

Public transporters participating in the meeting from different cities, conveyed the methods of public transport in their regions. It was emphasized that it was time to take action with the use of a common card.

In the laws and regulations on public transportation, it was decided to take action to make necessary initiatives for the definition of public transportation.

We exchanged ideas on the tracking system of the vehicles, wage collection system and the use of information technology.

On the first day of the meeting, dinner ended with a dinner on the second day by the host MOTAŞ guest public transport to touristic areas of Malatya tour tour was made.

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