BURULAŞ's Istanbul - Canakkale Seaplane Expeditions


BURULAŞ's Istanbul - Canakkale Seaplane Expeditions Launched: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BURULAS'ın both sea and land and the Cessna Caravan planes, Istanbul began to fly from the Golden Horn to Çanakkale. Ticket prices for 45 flights lasting a total of 199 minutes start at XNUMX TL.

The plane, which runs on 08.00 every day on flights made on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays three days a week, will go down to Xenon after the 45 minute. The plane will approach the GESTAŞ port in Çanakkale. The same plane will depart from Çanakkale at 09.30 and arrive at the Golden Horn at 10.15. 17.00 from Istanbul will also be launched once.


If you receive a round-trip ticket, the fee will be 383 TL. Ticket sales, as well as the web site of BURULAS (fly.burulas.com.tr), GESTAS Canakkale Pier, Gestas Coordination Center (Sales Office / Canakkale Iskele side), GESTAS Bozcaada Pier, GESTAŞ Geyikli Pier can be purchased.

Kaynak: www.kokpit.aero

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  1. In fact, a similar system, Bandırma and Ankara between the need. If the planes and he landed in the sea, the Eskişehir exit THK facilities to serve these planes (terminal building blah) can be arranged. Thus Bandırma outside alaçatı-Çeşme, Bozcaada, Datca, Kalkan, Assos, Amasra, Anamur, Hopa and so on. Direct access to Ankara is provided. That would be nice.