Great Interest in Rail Welders Certification Project in Karabük

Great Interest in Rail Welders Certification Project in Karabük: The Project Presentation and Lifelong Learning Information Seminar organized by YOLDER within the scope of the vocational training project named "Rail Welders Certification" supported by the European Union was held in Karabük with intensive participation. Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Development of the European Union and the Financial Assistance Department of Human Resources Operational Program by Supporting Learning Lifelong carried out in Turkey-II at the seminar shared information about the project, accepted the grant program, Turkey's included in the lifelong learning process of the first certified rail welders It was explained that they would gain an important opportunity for employment.

The third seminar of Ray Welder Certification Project and Lifelong Learning Information Seminar, which was conducted by the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER), was held in Karabük. TCDD Training Department Branch Manager Ekrem Arslan, RAYTEST Certification Authority Director Ebru Köse, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat, Vice Chairman Suat Ocak, YOLDER members, many employees with project employees graduated from the seminar in Eskipazar Vocational School Campus and unemployed adults attended.

In the opening speech of the seminar, Mr. Özden Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER, informed the participants about the Alumunothermite Ray Welder courses for employment and the certification exam to be held at the end of the course. Polat stated that they were pleased to have made many applications for the total 6 course in Izmir, Ankara and Erzincan. As an association, we are aware of the social responsibility of non-governmental organizations as well as our work to improve the financial and social rights of our members. Therefore vocational training projects for our implementing our members lifelong learning participation in the increase and the unemployed youth of our supporting us the way we go to space the business door of the European Union Delegation to Turkey on Labor and Social Security Department of the European Union Thanks to the Financial Assistance Department, "he said.

Suat Ocak, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at YOLDER, made a presentation on Lifelong Learning at the seminar. The Ray Welder Certified project was launched as a result of this belief. We have completed the 12 project of our 7 project which will last for a total of 8 months. Between July 2017-3 will enter training after completion of the final course exam will be held in Erzincan in Turkey's sole authorized certification bodies and our successful trainees will be provided employment to unemployed xnumx's at least ten percent, "he said.

Speaking at the seminar, TCDD Training Department Branch Manager Ekrem Arslan told the youth what kind of manpower they need. Arslan emphasized that the increasing investments in the field of rail systems and the rapidly developing technology increase the need for qualified and self-improving human resources.

RAYTEST Manager Ebru Köse also gave a detailed information about the presentation of RAYTEST, developments in the railway sector, VQA and Vocational Qualification Certificates.

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