Minister Arslan: Gebze-Halkalı Commuter Line will be completed in 2018


Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, “Gebze, where intensive work continues to be completed on 31 December 2018,Halkalı Improvement of Commuter Lines and Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) ProjectHalkalı Between 2-10 minutes, there will be a capacity to carry 75 thousand passengers per hour in one direction. ” used the expression.

Arslan, in the response of CHP Istanbul MP ​​Sezgin Tanrıkulu to the written question proposal regarding the transportation problem of Istanbul, is within the scope of the task of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the establishment, operation and integration of public transportation and traffic systems; He reminded that the projects put into service or to be put into service by the Ministry make important contributions to the solution of Istanbul's transportation problem.

Providing information about the Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaray and the 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel, Arslan continued his intensive efforts to complete Gebze-Halkalı With the Improvement of Suburban Lines and the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) Project, Gebze-Halkalı 2-10 will be announced once a minute. Arslan pointed out that the capacity to carry 75 thousand passengers per hour in one direction will be achieved.

Minister Arslan, said:

“Journey times will be shortened, the burden of the existing Bosphorus Bridges will be reduced, and it will bring different points of the city closer by providing easy, comfortable and quick access to business and cultural centers. Currently, it is operated with the frequency of 5 minutes between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme at peak times, 7 and 10 minutes at other hours. ”

Arslan, who stated that the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has implemented rail systems upon the decision of the Council of Ministers, and added that the Automatic Pass System (OGS) and Rapid Pass System (HGS) tolls on the highways passing through Istanbul can be lifted and the vehicles can pass without slowing down. He emphasized that the transition to the system (SGS) is ongoing. In this context, Arslan pointed out that the conversion was completed at the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Mahmutbey toll booths, and that there were serious reductions in travel times.

Arslan, 15 July Martyrs' Bridge tolls SGS conversions are provided by the work of the box office to prevent traffic jams, he said.

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