Preparation of Caravan Project for Silk Road

Silk Road caravan to the Project Preparation: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, modern Silk Road between China and Turkeynda Kervan Projesi başlatılması için görüşmelerde bulunduklarını belirterek, "10 araçlık bir konvoyun İpek Yolu orta koridorunda TürkiyeI think it would be beneficial to carry cargo to Europe and Europe. ” said.

Following his visit to China, accompanied by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minister Arslan made evaluations about the talks he held, the Ministerial Conference on the International Cooperation and Road Forum for Beijing, and the projects on the agenda.

Belt and Road Initiative, historical sites such as the Silk Road, countries, economies and people Arslan said that they believe connects, Turkey also as part of this path, developing economy, raw material resources, energy corridors, commercial centers and densely populated consumer markets He stated that he was at the intersection.

Arslan touched upon the work they had done to bring alternatives between Asia and Europe, and said:

"Turkey's central corridor, also known as the modern Silk Road strategy, China and Turkey, aims to connect via the Caspian Sea and Central Asian countries. This line is a safe and economical route to complement existing lines on the East-West axis. We carry out important infrastructure projects both in the country and with the countries in the region for the mentioned route. With the completion of the missing lines on the route, an uninterrupted railway line from China to Europe will be established. Marmaray, which was launched in 2013 and connects the continents, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line to be opened at the end of June and Edirne-Kars Railway Line, which continues negotiations with China, is of great importance in this context. ”

Convoy plan with the Caravan Project

Arslan said that while they are providing infrastructure connections with mega projects, they are carrying out studies to improve intermodal transportation opportunities and especially to eliminate obstacles in border crossings. Arslan reminiscent of 14 billion-dollar investment in the last 100 transportation infrastructure, new roads, railways, airports and harbors drew attention to the construction.

Arslan stated that they completed the missing links in the east-west and north-south highway corridors in highway transportation with road, tunnel and bridge projects. He also stated that they cooperated with the countries of the region in order to develop transit transportation and to remove non-physical obstacles.

Arslan stated that they attach great importance to the Road Transport Agreement signed with China in the Belt and Road Forum, and said:

"Chinese counterpart my case of being in agreement, the initiation caravan Project between China and Turkey, and in this context, a convoy of 10 cars on the Silk Road of the central aisle to Turkey and I think it would be helpful to European freight transport realization. With this trial run, we can identify possible problems, obstacles and difficulties on the route. At the same time, we will make an important contribution to the revitalization of the highway route. ”

“We are aware of the importance of our ports”

Arslan emphasized that sea transportation is an important mode of transportation for Eurasia connections, and that Turkish straits provide the connection between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and Turkish ports provide access to the Atlantic Ocean via the Gibraltar Strait and the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal. told.

Voicing be aware of the vital importance of Turkey's ports Armstrong, "Aegean Sea and the Black Sea year we want to implement on the shores of 4 million TEU Çandarlı and an annual 25 million tons of capacity have two major hub port projects, including Filyos available. Both the vision and framework we adopted our investment in our country's position as well as the maritime field, Belt and that the path to the sea leg should take place in Turkey, and we believe that it will constitute the opening point of Europe. " said.

Arslan added that they are open to all kinds of regional and bilateral cooperation in the implementation of the Modern Silk Road, which will contribute to the economic, information and cultural wealth of the world.




    1. Mr. Minister, the shortest route on the north-west European axis, where India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Honkonk, Oceania is located in Southeast Asia and Scandinavia, Germany, Denmark, the Balkans, and the former western soviets, will be between the Black Sea and the Persian Gulf. made possible by a rail link. For this, you need to build the railway from Kars to Iğdır (passing through Kağızman if possible) and Nakhcivan, and also revise the Black Sea DY project and design the YHT route from Samsun to Batum, the normal DY as Erzurum-Bayburt-Gümüşhane Of and the tirebolu port line. .

    2. I also suggest you to do Van-Erciş Ağrı Erzurum DY both to connect Van to the system and to accelerate its development and to open a second corridor from Iran. You can build YHTs with the BOT model, and normal railways with equity.