IT and Logistics Conference Held in Ankara

IT and Logistics Conference Held in Ankara: This year's theme is' 'my Informatics at the Future of Transport' with and organized the second time this year, '' International IT and Logistics Conference '' Turkey Informatics was held at the Association's organizer in Ankara.

Conference; Remzi Akçin, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Mehmet Uras, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, and representatives of companies and organizations operating in the IT, logistics and transportation sectors, bureaucrats, academics, entrepreneurs, businessmen and students.

Uras, who spoke at the conference, our country is the advent of advanced railway system and it requires advanced technology, including information technology beginning of this system, utilizing information technology in transport and logistics services fast, economical, he said, stressing that a quality service is provided: '' Turkey's growing economic power also gives a significant impetus to the logistics and transportation sector. Turkey prepared by the planned targets of the logistics industry is expected to play a key role in achieving this goal. Railway system is the main element of logistics. A new era started with the liberalization of railway transportation. Within the framework of the Law No. 6461, TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ was established. 1 started its operations as of January 2017. We were given the duty to operate freight and passenger trains, to transport by ferries and to carry out logistics services. In the last 15 year, 60 billion TL investment has been made to railways which have been forgotten for half a century and it is still being done. The railway is the most dynamic sector of our country. Our efforts to take the new lines of transportation to the OIZs, ports and piers, important production centers and factories continue uninterruptedly. In 2017, 382 miles were requested. Construction of 264 km started. UM



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