Governor Şahin Inaugurated the World Smart Cities Fair 2017

Governor Şahin Inaugurated the World Smart Cities Fair 2017: In addition to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı also participated.

Speaking at the program held at the Haliç Congress Center, Governor Vasip Şahin said, en I want to express my pleasure to meet you at the şehir World Cities Expo Istanbul ği which brings together the ideas and experts that will guide our cities in smart cities and bring together the experts in Istanbul; I welcome our esteemed guests from abroad and abroad with love and respect. Nowadays, there is a rapid change in every field and the cities do not create the historical and natural beauties. investments in modern infrastructure such as industry and technology, capital and capital management, business centers, transportation, information and communication technologies, network systems make cities more livable. With its unique topography, Istanbul is a world city where different cultures, societies and individuals have been living for centuries. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Marmaray, metro, 3. investments such as the airport are among the kal smart yüksek cities that sustain sustainable economic development and high quality of life havaalanı.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of World Cities Expo Istanbul'S 17 (World Intelligent Cities Fair 2017), President Kadir Topbas said that as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, they are closely following the technology and they are the pioneers in many subjects in the world. Underlining that they are producing their own software and that they now export these software to abroad, Mayor Topbaş said çiz Information is the common property of humanity and it is very valuable Kendi.

Stating that they work to increase the quality of life of Istanbulites, Mayor Topbas said, alar If our practices touch the benefits of our people, we share these practices with other cities.

Mayor Topbaş stated that foreign participants can listen to the translation in their own language thanks to the application developed with the help of mobile devices in international organizations. Likasyon By downloading an application to your mobile phone you can listen to simultaneous translation in your own language. No matter how many thousand people, everyone will be able to listen to simultaneous translations from their mobile phones. In fact, thousands of people in the stadium, without the announcement of mobile phones can hear what is said,, he said.

-IBB Navi-
President Topbas emphasized that the application was made by his colleagues and was not similar in the world and continued his speech as follows: farklı We live from time to time. Inspired by this, I wanted to make a study on the mobile phone that could allow simultaneous interpretation. Our friends did and they did it. Arkadaşlar

Mayor Topbas stated that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has developed many software in order to facilitate the lives of the citizens. Mayor Topbaş said that the ini IMM Navi yazılım application is one of the most downloaded applications in mobile software markets.

Stating that the humanity, who passed from the hunter society to the settled order, started to have different needs after this stage, President Topbaş said, “In order to solve the problems, people have started to achieve new successes. This process has continued until today. In other words, if the cities had not been so concentrated, had not developed this much, if such a need had not arisen, technological developments would not have reached these levels. In a world where the urban population is increasing and denser gradually, we see the signs that we will move to different dimensions. The day we live today will be very different tomorrow. It was very different yesterday. "We are witnessing technological developments that increase rapidly every day, almost in an arithmetic order."

-21.YY Critical Threshold-
Emphasizing that in today's world, people mostly live in cities and this causes a serious density in city life, Mayor Topbaş continued his speech as follows: “21. century is a critical threshold. Cities are attractions. Technological developments occur necessarily. In 2050, 70 percent of the world's population will live in cities. This is not a prophecy, the trend shows it. Of course, big cities also trigger economic developments. 80 percent of global product is produced by cities. Thus, cities become a center of attraction for people. This gravitational force brings with it social problems. Unemployment and social crimes are the main problems. Those who run cities are constantly forced to do less resources but more work. All accounts are turned upside down. Their futures do not develop in the way they designed or planned. The future stands out with many different problems. "

Emphasizing that smart cities provide savings in every field and therefore cities have to be smart cities, Mayor Topbaş said, “With urbanization, some unforeseen problems are encountered. "The way to compensate for this is to strengthen the reflexes." Mayor Topbaş continued as follows: “Static management style is not enough anymore. The way to deal with it, overcome it, and solve problems, is the transition to smart systems. We know that cities have to be smart cities. Because smart cities save money in every field. It reveals a digital life. It provides a much more systematic service in many areas such as energy, transportation, water consumption, waste, health, public services and security. It is very important how this system will be caught and who will decide. All stakeholders, from governments, local governments, the housing sector, to all companies that produce technology, have to act together. In other words, they have to share knowledge, be partners and stakeholders. Otherwise, it is not possible to find a solution. It is necessary to share information regardless of institutional fanaticism. "

Stating that cities should allocate a resource for 2020 trillion dollars by 1,5, Mayor Topbaş stated that it is estimated that around 2050 trillion dollars will be saved by 22 with simple applications such as smart public transportation systems, energy saving smart buildings, environment and waste management.

Following the opening speeches, Mayor Topbaş cut the opening ribbon of the fair which was established in the garden of the Governor Şahin Haliç Congress Center. Mayor Topbas visited the stands at the exhibition area, followed by presentations at the stands of IMM companies.

More than 18 global and local companies take part in the fair, which will last until May 50. On the first day of the giant organization that started today, world-famous technology futurist, inventor and hacker Pablos Holman, who has recently marked the next generation technologies with his unique projects and inventions, will make a surprise show open to all participants. Technology futurist Pablos Holman, one of the chief inventors of Intellectual Ventures, will give global clues about this unique experience as well as the future of technology and the next generation of inventions that change life.

At World Cities Expo Istanbul, many sessions with great importance under the important topics such as Technology and Innovation, Environment and Healthy Life, Smart Vehicles, Energy, Urban Transformation, Big Data and Data Analytics, Cyber ​​Security and Smart City Strategies and panel is included.


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