Smart City Sakarya 'stand of intense interest

Smart City Sakarya 'stand with great interest: Public Technology Platform organized by the International Conference on Smart Cities Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's Smart City applications was introduced to the stand was intense. Media, Publicity and Public Relations Branch Manager Aydin Duran, videos, presentations, booklets and brochures through information activities they realized that they realized.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Public Technology Platform by Congresium in Ankara, the second held in the International Conference on Smart Cities 'Smart City Sakarya' a booth was opened. Media, Publicity and Public Relations Branch Manager Aydın Duran, stand within the program is one of the most popular stands, he added.

Important visitors
Stating that one of the specific cities in which the sah Smart City Pilot Project “works was initiated by President Zeki Toçoğlu in December, Duran said that is Municipalities are one of the most important stakeholders of the Public Technology Platform, which owns this project. At this point, an important conference was held in Ankara. Our President Zeki Toçoğlu gave a speech about the 'Smart City' practices in our city. We introduced our work at this point with the booth we opened. In addition to the applications currently being used, the works that were planned and implemented were included in our booth. We carried out our information activities through videos, presentations, booklets and brochures. Our expert team members gave information to the visitors orally. Our SASKI applications were also included in our stand. Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu, President of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Manager of Geographical Information Systems, Ömer Alan, President of TÜBİTAK Dr. Arif Ergin and Public Technology Platform President Erdem Akçıl took part Başkan.



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