YOLDER Board of Directors has decided to open branch

The Board of Directors of YOLDER decided to open a branch: YOLDER Board of Directors convened to discuss the roadmap of the Association in the next term at the Board of Directors meeting held at the Association Center.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat, Vice President Suat Ocak, Secretary General Ramazan Yurtseven, Board of Directors Members Ferhat Demirci and Serdar Yılmaz attended the meeting and decided to start the works for opening a branch in Afyonkarahisar, Ankara and Malatya.

At the meeting where new member registrations were also discussed, it was decided that the employees who came from EST unit to the maintenance directorates after the restructuring of TCDD were accepted to the membership of YOLDER and the membership procedures were started.

In addition, in addition to the activities of YOLDER, it was decided to publish the electronic issue of ZOLDERIZ which is an important tool in reaching the questions and expectations of the members to a wider audience.

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