Valley Istanbul Havaray Line Vehicles were Downloaded on Rail (Special Report)

vadistanbul bartholet havaray
vadistanbul bartholet havaray

Istanbul havaray Valley Rail Line to the Tools Downloaded: Valleys produced in Switzerland in Istanbul under Turkey's first private havaray planned project, the project was reduced to two monorail rail vehicle. Artas -INVEST made by the Partnership, Cendere Valley Station in Sarıyer and Seyrantepe Turk Telekom Arena Stadium in route goes over a viaduct carrying the quality of being a first in Turkey ..

After receiving a business enterprise with the private sector in Turkey for the first time rail system will be transferred to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul havaray Valley project and the system's 2 station about 750 meters long viaduct over. Passengers leaving the lower station can enter directly from the 2nd floor of the Vadi İstanbul AVM building. The shopping mall, which is planned to open in May, will be one of the largest in the region.


Seyrantepe Monorail Station, which is the upper station of the line, is being constructed together with the warehouse // maintenance workshop. After the finishing works of the station and electrical works are completed, the system trials will be started by Bartholet. The machine and control rooms of the funicular system are located at this station.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be integrated with the Metro Station of M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman, which is operated by Metro İstanbul, Metro Station. The passengers in the stadium are scheduled to be transported to the Vadi İstanbul Shopping Mall and recreational areas, especially on weekends.


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