TULOMSAS is proud

TÜLOMSAŞ was proud: ASKON Konya Branch, which visited the facilities of TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir with a businessman delegation consisting of Konya, saw the works on the spot and saw our achievements in the industry.

Anatolian Lions Businessmen's Association (ASKO's) Konya Konya Branch of organizing and businessmen is located in Eskisehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TULOMSAS) 's visited.

ASKON Konya Branch Chairman Yakup Yildirim, who came to Eskişehir in Konya, the delegation of 50 personality was welcomed by TÜLOMSAŞ management. TÜLOMSAŞ management of the factory in detail to the Konya delegation, excitement at the point of national engine and YHT production.


Speaking at a speech to businessmen, ASKON Konya Branch President Yakup Yıldırım said, ına ına Today we visited TÜLOMSAŞ together with our businessman colleagues and our ASKON management. It is not possible to see the work here and not be proud of it. TULOMSAS has produced a new diesel engine. 850 horsepower is completely national and domestic. 6 cylinders are engineered and now available. Again in the production of domestic High Speed ​​Train has been very serious. This facility that produces our domestic car at the time of time will sign for bigger works. We saw the works here and we saw where our country came from. Turkey is now producing things we can not imagine an era, "he said.


ASKON will increase the visits to the production facilities voicing Lightning, getiren ASKON previously visited ORS Bearing. Today we visited TÜLOMSAŞ. Our industrialists who are visiting such production centers are hoping to return to Konya and the excitement of working is increasing. The achievements of our country increase the excitement of our industrialists. Our ride is extremely valuable facility for Turkey as the ASKO and will continue to show to industrialists, "he said. TÜLOMSAŞ managers thanked ASKON Konya Branch President Yakup Yıldırım and his accompanying delegation for their visit and wished them success in their works.

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