The former passenger car of TCDD was the place for addicts

The former passenger car of TCDD was the place of addicts: in Batıkent, the former passenger wagon of TCDD used alcohol and drug users scrapped. Wagon, burned around with fire burns and spray paint was written with the great damage, residents of the rye complained of lack of supervision.

According to Hurriyet, Batikent the subway, West Central Metro station next to the vacant land three months ago placed Turkey State Railways (TCDD) of old cars, was the abode of alcohol and substance abusers. The wagon, which was put in order to be exhibited after being used, first started to use alcohol and substance addicts for the night. The wagon, which started to be damaged after a while, became idle after the fire that was burnt around it and the writings written with spray paints on it. Complaining about the night realms in the wagon in the middle of the neighborhood, the neighborhood drew attention to the lack of control.


Citizens linking the wagon to being idle in a short time and not taking security measures around, said:
All It's nice to have an old wagon on display in the neighborhood. A well thought-out project, but the lack of security measures around it, came to the work of addicts. At least around it could have been made of iron railings. So they broke their doors immediately, and they started making boobs. They've painted all over. At first we were taking a picture of him passing by, our children were showing interest. Now we try not to see. Şimdi

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    1. It is obvious that the alcoholic and the addicts that make the wagons are scraped, and that the blood of the addicts are milky. retired but not junk yard wagons are historical antiques and a sign of our past veteran. The guardian does not need guardian for the low-lying lowlands. The parents of this family have to teach the respect for humanity and national welfare.