National high-speed train, aircraft and engine capable of Eskişehir

. GE's Digital Industry Vision, Eskişehir Investments Aviation and Rail Systems Sectors ağı were evaluated in-depth in the conference organized by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) in partnership with General Electric (GE). Speaking at the meeting, ESO President Özaydemir said,, Eskişehir is a center that can produce diesel and diesel-electric locomotives, aircraft, truck and ship engines with its industrial infrastructure and experience. Our goals are great. Plane to make high-speed train is a duty to Eskişehir. In this regard, both our university and our universities made excellent works. The centers of excellence are also being established rapidly. Mükemmel

Eskisehir Tasigo Hotel was held at the conference, ESO President Savas M. Ozaydemir, GE Aviation Technology Center Director General Dr. Aybike Molbay, GA Turkey Innovation Director Shahbaz rational, TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. M. Faruk Akşit, Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster (RCS) Chairman Kenan Işık participated as a speaker.

Özaydemir: Our production capability is very high
Özaydemir underlined that Eskişehir's high technology exports are high, and çiz 15 of our total exports is composed of high technology products. The total exports of Eskişehir in aviation and rail systems reached 400 million dollar levels. This number will increase by new projects and agreements. Production capabilities are improved not only in the engine, but also in the body structures and electronics. Sadece

Özaydemir emphasized that the city has become an important industrial base thanks to the collaborations carried out in the production of airplanes, helicopter engines and locomotives.

Özaydemir stated that Eskişehir, which is an industrial city, is the leading industry branches in aviation, rail systems, machinery manufacturing, white goods and metal processing sectors, continued as follows;

Tır The total turnover of ESO members was 9 billion dollars and the total exports reached 2,3 billion dollars. has captured the Eskisehir 10 thousand dollars above the national per capita income, the average of Turkey has managed to rise above about yüzdexnumx. The fact that high value added and high technology relationship is established in this success has an important share. Certainly, the presence of main industries plays an important role in the development of a city. However, in this process, the ability of sub-industries to produce in accordance with high technology and quality and standards is just as important. Today, Eskişehir has achieved this success in sectors such as white goods, aviation and rail systems and has become an important production center. Esk

As Eskişehir Industry, Özaydemir reminded that the aviation and rail systems will continue to play a dominant role in the future of the Eskişehir industry with the share of 15 in the total of the province's exports. increased. As ESO, we have set our strategic goals for these sectors ES.

Molbay: The engine of one of the 2 aircraft is produced in Eskişehir
Speaking at a conference held in Eskisehir, Turkey GE Aviation Technology Center General Manager Dr. Aybike Molbay, to become obsolete in the face of so-called digital economy Digital Darwinism I explained that the country's minimum fearful Turkey.

Molbay stated that these results were the result of a series of studies and made the following statements;
Yapıy The GE works every two years, called the Innovation Barometer. At 2016, we have announced our Innovation Barometer based on interviews with 23 senior executives from 2748.

According to this, we are least afraid of becoming obsolete among digital surveyed countries. I think this self-confidence is not so good. We obviously don't trust ourselves as GE, and we've been implementing a number of programs to change ourselves over the years. Açık

GE is one of the oldest industrial companies in the world, 330 thousand people work, producing annual turnover of 148 billion dollars and 8 separately operating in a structure that touches the Molbay, so it went into digital industrial transformation to become out of fashion.

Molbay said that many machines will talk to each other in this transformation. Iz If we need a common language when we talk to each other, the machines must come together on a common platform. While developing software on his machines, GE developed a platform called Predix. Predix is ​​a platform that works on the cloud and helps to understand the continuous and large data coming from industry. Predix was launched on February at 2016, and now an ecosystem is slowly occurring on it Pr.

GE Turkey as it is central 3 which intensified our operations outside sales, but when we look at the employment numbers, indicating that the most important of Eskisehir Molbay, "Of course, the most important investment we in Eskisehir, we are proud of the world's most important aircraft engine being one of the parts factory TEU. One of the 2 GE powered aircraft flying around the world has pieces produced in Eskişehir. Our other important investment, together with TULOMSAS, is our locomotive production. GE has made an annual strategic agreement with TULOMSAS to produce its newest technology locomotives in Eskisehir OMS.

Akşit: We are preparing our whole plant for Industry 4.0
TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii A.Ş (TEI) General Manager and President of Eskişehir Aviation Cluster. Dr. At the conference held by ESO, M. Faruk Akşit emphasized that TEI is the biggest partnership of GE in Eskişehir and that they have become the company that supplies the most to the engine that GE sells the most in the world.
Akşit stated that their cooperation is a very good point in manufacturing technologies. TEI stated that there is a strong manufacturing engineering team in TEI and they will take serious steps to make production with 3D technology.

Between GE and TEI kazan kazan Explaining that it was a good investment after the relationship, Akşit said, “We are trying to take this partnership to the next level with the digital technologies that have developed in recent years. We are transforming our entire facility into an integrated system that we call 'Industry 4.0'. We also collaborate with GE on engine assembly, maintenance and repair technologies. We proudly assembled the engines of all F16s currently used by Turkey in Eskişehir, tested them and delivered them to our army as engines from TEI. “They flew smoothly,” he said.
Re We are now maintaining all of the engines in the Bahrain Air Force, yn Akşit said. We also want to maintain the F110 engines of the Saudi Air Force together with GE. F110 has the second largest fleet in the world. We need to switch to system design and system development in our partnership with GE da.

Light: Eskişehir ahead in high-tech exports
Eskişehir Railway Systems (RSC) Cluster Kenan Chairman of Light, in his speech, cluster 21 Turkey's first railway in June 2011 system gave information about the work by stating that established as the Cluster.

Noting that it is important to produce high value-added products, Işık said: m We do not know how important it is to produce high value-added products. But testing and certification are indispensable. If you do not test and certify, you cannot sell your product. In the coming period, we will have to produce the car we produced in the year 10 in a year. Ön

Arguing that Turkey's export leader in speech technology is Eskişehir Light, "it has set the technological intensity of exports according to the World Newspaper province. In terms of export volume of 500 million dollars and above, according to the quality league of exports, Eskişehir, which ranked first with 33,2 percent among the provinces with the highest share of technology products in the manufacturing industry, followed Ankara with 12,9 percent and Istanbul with 4.24 percent. Even these figures should enable GE to invest more in Eskişehir. ”

GE and Eskişehir, what can be done in order to answer the question of what can be done Light, said:
Yapıl Deeper productions in the transportation sector, active continuation of the process started in the Rail Systems sector, common market search with common production for rail systems, determination of common investment areas for the above sectors, innovation and enterprise processes starting from the priority areas, starting from the priority areas for digital transformation, design, R & D and Technology projects may be directed. As a result, GE should use Eskişehir's resources more actively. Sonuç

Şahbaz: We are leaders in many sectors
G Speaking at the meeting of Turkey Innovation Director Shahbaz is rational innovation sohbetdrew attention to the need to return from skin to action.

Referring to GE's field of activity worldwide, Ussal said, ız When we look at the GE shop, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques in Aviation, engineering, efficiency. Engine science and services in energy and water systems. Energy Management Electrification also controls and power conversion technology. Oil and Gas service technology and market leader. Transportation also developed regions of motor technology and software localization. LED lighting also, Health is also the fastest growing markets, advanced diagnostic technology and market leader. Advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, engineering, efficiency are seen in aviation. Hav

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