Application of TCDD on YHT Lines

TCDD announced the application of the YHT Lines: TCDD High Speed ​​Train lines will be applied on the application and after the date of the application of the 1 15 moon more dangerous to the railroad XNUMX meters announced that it is dangerous.

TCDD Ankara, Eskisehir, Bilecik, Konya, Sakarya High-Speed ​​Train Rail lines under the supervision of the special train and expert personnel to protect the ballast cleanliness, pulling and towing rail vehicles that affect the negative and self-growing to clean the grass was announced to be applied in chemical spraying.

Although all the necessary precautions should be taken in order to prevent the chemical pesticides to be harmful for human and animal health in the environment, it was stated that the railway line should not be grazed near the 15 meter and the grass should not be harvested.

It is stated that the spraying will be carried out on the high speed train lines during the night, and there may be sagging at these dates according to the wind and rainfall conditions.

Ankara-Konya 22-23.04.2017
Ankara - Konya 06-07.05.20l7
Ankara-Eskisehir 08-09.05.20l7
Eskisehir-Alifuatpasa 09-10-11-12.05.2017
Eskisehir-Ankara 13-14.05.2017
Sincan-Ankara 14-15.05.2017

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