Spraying Warning from TCDD

TCDD, Spraying Warning: TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate, General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise, will be sprayed against weeds on the railway lines, therefore, for 10 days after the spraying process, the animal will stay for 10 days near the railway lines. He warned citizens not to graze and harvest grass.

In the statement made by TCDD, Ankara (YHT and Conventional), Eskişehir (YHT and Conventional), Konya (YHT), Niğde, Kayseri, Zonguldak, Karabük, Kırıkkale, Çankırı, Bilecik (YHT), Sakarya (YHT) Railway line and under the supervision of specialist personnel, it is stated that chemical herb spraying will be carried out against the self-grown grasses that protect the ballast cleaning, which adversely affect the pulled and pulled railway vehicles. The statement said, “Although the suspension to be used in chemical herb spraying is not harmful in terms of human and animal health in the environment, it should not be grazed and weed should be harvested for a week, within 10 meters of the railway line after spraying, although all the necessary measures should be taken by our organization.”

In the statement, Konya-Ulukışla-Kayseri-Zonguldak lines on April 23, Konya-Ulukışla-Kayseri-Zonguldak lines on April 24, Yerköy-Kayseri line on April 30, Kayseri Station on May 1 and on May 2 It was reported that Kayseri-Ulukışla line will be sprayed.

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