At the Level Crossing in Tarsus

At the level crossing in Tarsus, the Facia returned: According to the news of Tarsusnews, the driver of the car, who did not realize that the barriers at the level crossing in the city of Tarsus in Mersin, got rid of the train at the last moment.

According to the information obtained, the incident occurred at the level crossing with barrier located in Teachers' Quarter of Tarsus district of Mersin.

Allegedly, the car driver began to descend while approaching the level crossing barriers did not notice. With the barrier landed on the car, the car driver immediately stopped the vehicle.

Seconds after the car stopped, the freight train entered the level crossing and stopped after striking the front of the car.

Citizens rushed to help the driver who survived under the train for seconds.

The driver, who was slightly injured after the accident, was taken to the hospital by 112 emergency medical teams.

The vehicle was stopped from the crossing of the railway station to continue the trains continued investigations.

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