Transportation Projects of Kayseri OK, Tenders Start

Kayseri Transportation Projects are OK, Tenders Start: Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Çelik has announced that they will start transportation investments at 2017, the Year of Transportation.

Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, the transportation year in the declared 2017'de transportation investments for the office of the President held a meeting with bureaucrats. Mayor Çelik stated that they are putting the final point in the projects and will start the tenders.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, the presidency of the meeting in his office, discussed the transportation projects one by one. Chairman of Steel, they will do with growing and developing projects in Kayseri, Turkey expressed that they would contribute to a more rapid growth.

Reminding that they declared 2017 as the year of transportation and stated that they put the final point of transportation projects, Mayor Mustafa Çelik said ulaşım In this context, we are starting to work for six different underpasses. On the Mustafa Kemal Pasha Boulevard, we will underpass the Melikgazi Municipality. We are going to bid for the underpass which we prepared for the project in the coming days. Then, we will make two underpasses in both directions in order to enter Gültepe Boulevard. The project of these underpasses was prepared. After passing the Chamber of Industry on Kocasinan Boulevard, we have an underpass with Fuzuli Junction model. Then we will cross the Tuna and 30 August intersections. We will also lay the foundation for these projects in the coming days. Osman Kavuncu Boulevard on the Belsin-Nuh Naci Yazgan University-New Train Station with the rail system line Osman Kavuncu'nın need to take down Osman Kavuncu to overlap. The Ministry of Transport, which will make the rail system line, wants to deliver the place from us, so we need to start this project as soon as possible. We will also make a leafy intersection with Bekir Yildiz Boulevard and the junction in front of the City Hospital. We will lay the foundation of the underpasses in a short time. We will again build bridges on Bekir Yıldız Boulevard. The entrance of the bridges we will build in places such as the entrance to the auto service, or the entrance to Oruç Reis neighborhood is about to end nowadays. Oto

This year, will start to explain the lines of the rail system President Mustafa Celik,'t Talas'dan to Erkilet to run the route of the rail system line was completed. We are planning to complete the base of the line starting from Anayurt and joining the rail system line in front of the Furkan Dogan Dormitory from Ashik Veysel Boulevard this year and ending this year by the end of next year. We are in the final stage of this project. Route determination studies are completed. Our ground studies are continuing. Starting from Belsin, all the works of Terminal-District Hospital-High Speed ​​Train Station line are over. We are delivering projects with transport master plan reports this week as requested by the Ministry of Transportation Ulaştırma.

Mayor Steel, noted that they work for developing and growing much faster to develop and grow in Kayseri in Turkey.



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