Ekol Logistics connects China to Hungary in 17 days

Ekol Logistics tied China to Hungary in 17 days: Ekol Logistics, Europe's second largest intermodal logistics company, delivered 41 wagon containers from China's Xian to Budapest, Hungary's Capital in 17 days.

In Turkey, highlights and Europe, with investments in the maritime sector, the second largest intermodal logistics company Ekol Logistics, imposed from the city of Xi'an in China 41 wagons container was delivered to the capital Budapest Hungary 6 days, surpassing the six countries.

Hungarian Deputy Minister of State Tamas Molnar, China's Ambassador to Hungary Duan Jielong, Ekol Logistics Hungary Manager Akos Kovacs and many guests attended the ceremony held due to the arrival of the 41-train train at the Budapest Mahart Container Terminal.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hungarian Deputy Minister of State Tamas Molnar stated that the wagons, which traveled 9 thousand 300 kilometers by rail from China and reached Budapest in 17 days, are the signs of developments that will contribute to the country's economy.

Expressing that the trade volume of Hungary with China is 2016 billion 8 million dollars in 900, Hungarian Deputy Minister of State Tamas Molnar said that Ekol Logistics is one of the most important actors in the trade volume of the Far East, taking on a historical task.

Speaking at the ceremony, Duan Jielong, Ambassador of Hungary to China, stated that a significant time wasted in reaching Hungary for the products produced in China, and said that Ekol Logistics increased its efficiency thanks to this opportunity.

Stating that the logistics bridge between China's Xi'an City and Hungary's Budapest plays a very important role in the trade volume between the two countries, China's Ambassador to Hungary Duan Jielong added that the joint efforts of the Hungarian and Chinese governments should be appreciated.

After the ceremony, participants thanked Ekol Logistics Hungary Country Manager Akos Kovaca, one of the architects of Xi'an - Budapest Route, and stated that they want Hungary to be the top in the distribution of products from China to Europe.


Ekol Hungary, the subsidiary of Ekol Logistics, is located in the capital of Hungary after 32 thousand 41 kilometers, by loading 9 container carriages, 300 of which belong to itself, from Xi'an, China, passing Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland and Slovakia. delivered to.

The train, which is 650 meters long and has two trains and 41 wagons, departed from Xian city of China on April 4, 2017 and approached the Mahart Container Terminal on April 21, 2017. Hungarian State Railways Company MAV and China Railway Company China Railway International Group (CRIG) played an active role in this transport.

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