Samsun Sarp Railway is not a dream

Samsun Sarp Railway is not a dream: Metin Topçu, Rize City Council President said, “Samsun Sarp Railway is not a dream”

After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the good news between Samsun and Ankara, the agenda continues to attract intense attention. Rize City Council President Metin Topçu said that Samsun-Sarp Railway is not a dream. In the article he wrote, President Topçu said, "I am sure that this will be accepted in the arc and Samsun-Sarp high-speed train line will be realized in a short time." said.

Here is the letter of Metin Topçu, the President of Rize City Council, published in Ordu Olay newspaper.

In case of waking the state, it takes a long time to correct it. How many times I've experienced this situation that my experience taught me, I forgot. I remember the two big events in Rize, one of the closely followed Ordu-Giresun Airport. The reason why the construction of Ordu-Giresun Airport, which had been struggling for years, took so long was the reason of the distorted state. While all the data point to the construction of an airport at the time, two bureaucratic pillars stubbornly resist these two provinces, these two provinces were making incredible inconveniences in At the point reached today, Ordu-Giresun Airport is crushing the bureaucratic mob. Shining like a star. I am gratefully grateful to the political will that made that decision and that made Ordu-Giresun Airport unblocked.

Rize's dream of reaching to Erzurum annually 130 has been prevented with the same logic, and the long and the gravitational endeavors were brought to life by Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Likewise, the foundation of Rize-Artvin Airport was laid and a sledgehammer was sent to those circles. In brief, I have mentioned these three important events that the state's mind is delayed for years to delay the service to be taken as obvious as the day bu

Now a big wrong step is being taken to the houses, the festival will be 'A high-speed train line will be built from Erzincan to Trabzon. This initiative, which has no explanation, is a gigantic big mistake to throw away billions of state funds. To me, it's a heavy crime. Because it's not rant-free in any way, it's a terrible mistake. If this is the case, Rize to Erzurum, Giresun to Erzincan, Ordu to Sivas to request a high-speed train to those who live in the provinces, right? People living in these provinces are not human? Not a citizen?

The fact that the struggle I gave in the two big events in Rize was respected by the state level and the giant projects started was perhaps the happiest person in the world. Now my heart is burning and burning because I witnessed a great mistake of the state ... Can I keep the same struggle and make the wisdom of the state rogue? I don't think we're gonna wait that long. We're not going through so hard.

Deputy Prime Minister of the AK Party Mr. Hayati Yazici made a very important statement recently choking the whole Black Sea joy. Mr. Hayati Yazici, "The completion of the survey work and the speed of the train to deliver to Samsun in 2 hour of the Black Sea, the decision of the other provinces of the Black Sea was extended upon demands." He said.

If this decision is made, the arrival point of the Ankara-based high-speed train project will be drawn from Samsun to Georgia. With this planned change from Ankara (Kirikkale) with the fast train sequence Corum province Sungurlu district, Corum Central district, Corum Mecitozu district, Amasya Merzifon district, Samsun Havza District, Samsun 's Kavak district will come to the center of Samsun. After that, Georgia, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin (the coastal area) will take the last stop Georgia will be the last stop.

Hey my great God aval See your poor servants. Let me give the opportunity to those who seek to spend tens of billion in vain. When I'm helpless, I send a nida from supply. I am confident that these supplications will be accepted as soon as possible and the Samsun-Sarp high-speed train line will take place in a short time.

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    1. It is obligatory to say that Mr. Topçu is right and right is right. The most accurate YHT route is what you said. However, a line from the Black Sea to the south is also needed. This line is the line that will start from Ashkali with a conventional character, mainly for international transit trade, and depart from Bayburt-Gümüşhane torul line to two, one to reach Tirebolu and the other to Of port. Because if the planned Kars Iğdır Nakhichevan line is built, this road will be the most important component of the route between South Asia - Central and Northern Europe. In addition, the residents of Van have a FDI demand for Erzurum. If this happens, when the season ends in the Black Sea, the boats will be easily transferred to the van lake by DY and there will be a chance to fish there. if there is to be a connection to the south it should be like this.