Sanliurfa Public Transport Revision

Overhaul of public transport vehicles in sanliurfa
Overhaul of public transport vehicles in sanliurfa

Sanliurfa Public Transportation Vehicles Revision: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its activities to make the passengers using public transportation more comfortable, goes through a revision in the existing vehicles as well as the new vehicles.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality BELSAN, is renewed to provide better and more comfortable service to citizens in transportation. The daily fleet of 190, which has the capacity of carrying 45 thousand people, was replaced with the new seat covers of XNUMX vehicles.

Within the scope of the renovation work carried out in BELSAN Transportation Supply Unit, seat covers of 45 public transportation vehicles were changed. The new seat covers have been appreciated by the citizens for the disabled people.

BELSAN General Manager Nusret Urmak stated that they have made the policy of renewal as a policy and we changed the old seat covers of our 45 vehicle by considering the comfort of our citizens. We are extending the use and comfort life of our vehicles, he said.

Urmak said that they gave the best quality public transportation service to Sanliurfa.

Tır Our service policy is to make citizens satisfied and happy. Our citizens are satisfied with our services is one of our primary goals. As BELSAN, we attach importance to hygiene and to make our citizens travel in a healthy environment. In this sense, internal and external cleaning of our vehicles in hygienic environments are carried out by our personnel Bu.

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