Sakarya public transportation fees increase

The increase in public transportation charges in Sakarya: The Department of Transportation Directorate Fatih Pistil stated that the tariffs are updated in public transportation. “We are implementing new tariffs in the city public transportation vehicles after the last change in the tariff made in May 2014. The updated new tariffs will be implemented as of May, 1. Güncell

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Department Fatih Pistil, the city public transportation lines on the changes made to the new tariff tariff found. "The city of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, private public bus, minibus and taxi minibus line fare tariffs have been changed on the latest May 2014. As a result of the increased costs, prices were decided to be updated ”.

Transportation Prices updated
Fatih Pistil said,, We have examined the tariffs of public transportation vehicles in other cities. We took into account the increasing costs of public transport. In this context, we have created the new regulation with the UKOME decision on 20 April Thursday. 1 will be effective as of May Monday. Short lines in city buses 1.75 TL long lines 2.50 TL, short lines in minibuses 2.00 TL students 1.50 TL long line 2.50 TL, student 2.00 TL, taxi-landed indi-bindi civil 2.25 TL, student 1.75 TL, direct civil 3.50 TL, student 3.00 It is determined as TL TL.

Card54 call
Reminding that the use of cash in municipal buses and private public buses will cease on Monday, May 1, Pistil said, “We have recently stated that the use of cash will be removed in our municipal buses and private public buses. The updated prices will be used for card boarding in Municipal Buses and Private Public Buses. Our Kart54 personalized points are located in Orta Garaj, Yenicamii and Kampüs. Cards are sold and filled in 201 dealers throughout the city. In addition, our 5 automatic filling centers serve our citizens. The website contains all detailed information. We expect sensitivity for all our citizens to have Kart54 ”.

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