Olympos Ropeway

Olympos Teleferik was taken care of: Antalya's Kemer District in the boundary Çamyuva neighborhood 2365 meters to go to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain Olympos Teleferik 2007 to go to the summit, security checks and maintenance due to 10 17.04.2017 29.04.2017 30.04.2017-XNUMX years of maintenance will be closed between the dates . From the date of XNUMX, the cable car will be put back into service.

Olympos Teleferik Press and Public Relations Manager Fatih Koyuncu, 10 Olympos Teleferik facilities opened a year ago, has become one of the important promotional tools of our region. 2007 was opened in 5 with a thousand people. In fact, despite the crisis in tourism last year, 220 carried a thousand people to the summit of Tahtali Mountain, which is 170 meters. After the completion of our maintenance work on April, 2365 said that after the opening, we think we will catch the figures of 30 thousand this year.

Many installations, from ropes to cabins, are taken care of by the company experts from Switzerland.

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