Introducing the newly acquired Trambus in Malatya

Things did I meet my new TRAMBUS received in Malatya: Malatya Municipality Trambus tool in increasing the number of applications that provide services for the first time in Turkey. In 2015, the 12 trambus service was started by the Metropolitan Municipality, and 5 offered more trambles. 5 trambus will come into service in the coming months. The new trambus, which will be in service between MAŞTİ and the University, will reach the time of the trip with the trip to 5.

The newly acquired 5 units were introduced to the press and the public in the area next to the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building.

11 Minister of Customs and Trade Bülent Tüfenkci, Deputy Mayor and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık, Mayor of Malatya Ahmet Çakır, Secretary General Ercan Turan, AK Party Provincial Chairman Hakan Kahtalı, MASKİ General Director Özgür Özdemir, Mayor of Yeşilyurt H.Uğur Polat, ESOB President Şevket Keskin, Assistant Secretary General, Department Heads, Branch Managers, Company General Managers, Council Members and a large group of citizens attended.

Cakir: Daily 40 will carry a thousand passengers

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Cakir, who gave a speech due to the promotion of the Trambus, said that the trambus is an ideal transportation system for municipalities both in terms of comfort and safe travel and low operating costs. The number of targeted passengers on the trip is 20 bin, but the current capacity of 34 thousand passengers have been reached President Çakır, summarized the following:

Together with our new vehicles, we will withdraw some of the bellows vehicles and increase the number of flights. Every 5 will have a trampus flight every minute. In this way, we aim to carry 40 thousand passengers per day. The new trambus with a battery-powered system, without the need for energy 10 km full, 20 km free distance to go.

Our main goal is to make Trambus more widespread. The first phase of MAŞTİ-University is completed with the tools we have received at the moment. After that, we are planning to open a route from the Organized Industrial Zone and then from the Karakavak or South Generation route. Bundan

Çalık: You leave traces in local governments

When President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected as the Mayor of Istanbul in 1994, he stated how the rubbish debris was eradicated in Istanbul and how they were struggled with thirst. he said that he forced his memory.

Çalık said, "But a municipal campaign was launched in all of Turkey with Istanbul Municipality our President. AK municipality with the year 2002 were no limits on all services in Turkey. One of them is our esteemed Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır and his precious colleagues. I have to say with great pride that no matter where we go, everyone 'Malatya Metropolitan worthy service has made the title of the beautiful. 'Shape, color and face changed' he says. TRAMBUS changing color in our Transport is a first in Turkey. At the moment, a few provinces are doing the work to do them, says my precious president. You leave a mark on local government, your hands on health. Malatya Metropolitan and district municipalities are our pride. Hereby, you have taken a very serious risk to facilitate and improve access. The President says that you will take the risk, run the risk. Trambus was a huge risk. You have been very serious criticism, but in spite of this, we ask why Trambus does not come here. At university, our students say that the number of Trambus increase. This is the most important indicator of how successful and important your business is. Bu

Çalık stated that the Metropolitan Municipality provided unlimited service and thanked all municipal team, especially Mayor Ahmet Çakır.

Tüfenkci: Trambüste satisfaction at the highest level

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci also made a speech during the promotion program. Underlining the need for the municipalities to produce quality and economic services Customs and Trade Minister Tüfenkci, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has signed great services on this issue, he said.

Tüfenkci in summary; . We can see that the city has a high level of satisfaction from the Trambus. Trambus is a success in the economy of this city and the provision of more modern means to the nation's service without wasting the resources of the city. Successful work was achieved by using scarce resources. This service to go to different districts, metropolitan services to move to different points of Malatya is also important. I would like to thank our friends who have contributed to the acquisition of these vehicles in Malatya and the Metropolitan Mayor who has put these tools at the point of operation of our Malatya. I wish you a free time without accident, Kaz he said.

After the speeches, the newly acquired trambuses were examined by the participants.

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