April 23 Gift to Children from Motaş

April 23 Gift from Motaş to Children: MOTAŞ, which is a partner of children by taking a city tour every April, does not spoil the tradition this year.

In the tour where various gifts and treats are made, children will have fun by their hearts and 23 will add joy to April with the clown show.

MOTAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat TAMGACI, who called for the parents of students from Malatya; Oluş We are waiting for you to take a tour of the city with Trambus, which is one of the leading public transportation vehicles. Give your child an unforgettable day. On a day when national sentiment is on the ceiling, help your child to prepare for the future by breathing this air. ”He invited the city tour with Trambus.

23 Starting from 09 00 on Sunday, April 11, 00 13, 00, 15 and 00 4 tours will be held in total, and the tours initiated from MASTTI will be completed at MUSTI.

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