Motaş organized a seminar on the storage of hazardous waste

Motaş organized a seminar on Storage of Hazardous Wastes: Motaş's Workshop staff was given a seminar on the storage of harmful wastes.

The seminar, which was held in the administrative building meeting hall, was attended by the engineers and employees of the workshop and workshop in Trambus.

In the seminar organized by the Human Resources unit, Environmental Engineer and Educator Onur Bozkuş conveyed the extent of the hazardous wastes that he defined as kullanım waste with a short definition, the value of which is not the object of direct use and after that, “and the extent of the damages that can be caused to the environment.

Bozkuş shared the following information in his seminar:

“In our country, approximately 65 thousand tons of garbage is produced per day. There are three basic principles of solid waste management in our country and the world, where the amount of garbage is quite high. These are less production, recycling of wastes. kazanand disposal of waste without harming the environment.

Beyond recycling and reuse, the components of the waste are recycled into other products or energy by physical, chemical or biochemical methods by making use of their properties. kazanIt's called im.

Geri kazanBy doing this, our natural resources are protected, energy is saved, the economy is contributed, the amount of waste going to the landfill is reduced and an investment is made for the future.

Environmental Damage

The chemical substances in the harmful wastes that you throw in your trash are mixed with soil and water and return to us as poison.

Especially in your working environment, oil, degreasing chemicals, liquid fuels, car tires, such as environmental damage to the environment if you are aware of the damage to be taken against it can show the necessary sensitivity.

It is known that 200 type of infectious disease is transported and spread through garbage and solid wastes. Therefore, landfills are the largest sources of reproduction and expansion that threaten our health.

After the rainfall, the leakage of the groundwater from the land leaking from the landfills and the separation of the groundwater in this way cause the pollution of the ground water. One of the environmental effects of the open space of the garbage dumps is that the gases that are the result of decomposition and that have odor problems cause the odors of the environment to spread. . .

The first priority in the waste hierarchy is to prevent the occurrence of wastes in their resources and, if not, to reduce them. Examples include:

Development and use of clean technologies where natural resources are used as little as possible,

Less hazardous material use,

Extending the useful life of the products,

Reducing the amount of packaging used in the products,

Purchase of materials in large volumes,

Focus on communication in electronic environment,

Re-use of waste materials can be considered as waste.

The main benefits of environmental prevention / reduction are:

Protection of natural resources,


Reduction of pollution,

Reduction of hazardous waste.

As a result of the measures to be taken on the issues brought to attention, we will make a large contribution to recycling. In addition, we prevent environmental pollution. For example, 1 ton of used paper is recycled. kazanwith the raising;

1-4100 kwh (1 family annual consumption) is energy-saving.

2- Saves water as much as a house will spend in a year.

3-17 large tree, 35 medium tree or 55 small tree is saved from cutting,-he emphasized the importance of recycling.

Human Resources training seminar in the statement about; . We organized a seminar on eğitim Storage of Hazardous Wastes Tehlikeli in order to improve the environmental awareness of the personnel within the scope of the training seminars that we have been conducting throughout the year. In addition to routine trainings, we will continue our trainings on the subjects we see missing. We know that we will be able to provide better service to our Malatya with trained and equipped personnel Bil.

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