Tram will be at the end of June in Kocaeli

In Kocaeli, the tram will remain at the end of June: The tender to purchase private security services under the tram project of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will be held on 1 June. With the finalization of the tender result and the procedures, the personnel will start working at the end of June. If the municipality does not assign parks or gardens or cleaning staff, the tram will be up to the end of June.

Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, renewed his presidency in 2009 and 5 prepared a booklet for the projects to be implemented in the year and included the tram in this booklet. It's been a full 8 year after Karaosmanoğlu's promise. The work for the tram project has only begun last year. Even if the sketchy, the dates were postponed, the project took a big way. The tram, which will serve in a very short space in the first place, is planned to be extended in the coming years. The municipality, which can make the tram in the 8 year, is unclear in how many years the extension process is made. For the time being, the eyes will be finished by the construction of the trolley and the citizens will be the first to print the Kent Card. There is no clear history yet. It was March to March. In March, the last information came at the end of May, at the beginning of June, the citizens were at the beginning of the tram. İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu himself, u We'll take the tram in June, ce he promised the citizens as in 2009.

With the 1 looking forward to June, the municipality opened a tender trolley that will remain at the end of June. The 86 1 will be auctioned on Thursday for the purchase of unarmed private security guard services. Subcontracting security personnel will be employed to work in the tender. 1 The result of the tender in June will be announced around 10 days. Security officials, together with paperwork and regulations, will be able to start working at the end of June. In other words, if the metropolitan municipality does not use the park and gardens staff and the cleaning staff for the tram, the tram will be in service at the end of June. The security tender 1 will be held on Thursday, June at 11.00 at Sekapark Hotel Gulf Meeting Room.

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