The Red Crescent Malatya Wagon Factory

Red Crescent Malatya Wagon Factory Talip: Turkish Red Crescent produced by the prefabricated products in Malatya old Wagon Factory emphasized that they want to be produced and stating that they have taken the necessary steps in this regard Malatya Branch President Av. Umut Yalcin, 'These products will not be produced only for the Turkish Red Crescent. We will have the range of products needed by organizations such as AFAD, Red Cross and the UN. Will be held not only domestic exports abroad by contributing to Turkey's economy will also provide a more active role in the field of the Turkish Red Crescent. "He said

The Turkish Red Crescent, which will be produced by the prefabricated products to be produced in the Old Wagon Factory, indicating that they want to take the necessary steps in this regard and emphasized that the Turkish Red Crescent, Malatya Branch President Av. Umut Yalçın said: kon We forwarded the issue that the Wagon Factory can be used by the Red Crescent. 'Malatya, a wagon factory, such as a problem for many years can not be solved, but if this is evaluated by the Turkish Red Crescent, Malatya people would like to do it' to him. They are working on a project. If rantabıllıg the matter and if the wagon in a way we desire at the location of the factory so that the state can give us got to Malatya Turkish Red Crescent is planning to make one of the largest investments in all of Turkey at this stage. Our Minister Mr. Bülent Tüfekci showed very positive opinions on this subject. Since the first day of this project, our governor, Mustafa Toprak, has been working together with Fırat Development Agency on how we can work on this issue. With the support of our minister, politicians and governor, we will overcome it if there is an obstacle to be overcome. In the case of the wagon factory, the Turkish Red Crescent is planning to make the Middle East and Asia in this region a center to be the center. This is about whether the project is rantabel or not. Whether or not the places we request are blocked by Kızılay. Public support is very important for us. If the people of Malatya wants this, if it wants to make it functional, we will do our best as the Turkish Red Crescent. We are able to provide employment opportunities up to a large number of 300 people, and we also make a great contribution to the industry of the Malatya industry. I know that since the first day of the events, the politicians and the minister of honor were also kept in the greeting phone. Malatians think that such an evaluation would be very appropriate. We always say that; 'Turkish Red Crescent is the property of the nation.' If the goods of the nation, given to the nation hopefully we will step in the direction of using it for the Turkish nation in the most correct and smooth manner. Malatya in this place so making a big investment in terms of Kizilay, Turkey's hope we will make this region one of the most important region. "


Yalçın said: fab This factory will make prefabricated products, building products. Containers, tent places, prefabricated buildings, houses, places of worship, schools, toilets, bathrooms, such as things will be produced. Especially building materials that can be used in disaster areas will be produced here. These will not be produced for the Turkish Red Crescent. For AFAD, Red Crescent and Red Cross will be produced. We will have a product range that is needed by many institutions and organizations working in such operations, such as the United Nations. This will not only be a factory for domestic needs, but also a very important center for exports. We believe we will also make a contribution to this expulsion to Turkey's budget. We will ensure that the Turkish Red Crescent of Turkey's international brand in this field in taking a more active role. Can you think of this; All over the world, the Turkish Red Crescent buildings are used in Malatya. This is a very important promotional material, but it will also be one of the most important elements of our strength. In this sense, we are demanding this as Malatya. Hopefully, if we see this support from our valuable politicians, we will all act together. So far, there are no obstacles in front of us. It is already more important for us to act with them. I hope we will achieve this by hand. When we get back to the past, we'll thank them all individually. In Malatya, we have seen a page that has not been forgotten. Sayf

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  1. Malatya wagon factory was caused. If the wagon is manufactured or repaired, why not done? Why not responsible for the responsible? .TCDD's real estate is constantly being disposed of. The real estate of the city is not transferred to another.