Metro good news from Kadir Topbaş to Üsküdar

Metro good news from Kadir Topbaş to Üsküdar: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Kadir Topbaş met with civil society organizations, mukhtars and Üsküdar Municipality employees in Üsküdar Municipality. Mayor Topbaş said, “We are doing a metro project from Üsküdar to Beykoz. "We are planning a rail system from Altunizade to the Mosque in Çamlıca."

Mayor Kadir Topbaş wished that the new city hall would be beneficial to Üsküdar and reminded us that in the past, Istanbul was a city that did not flow, the garbage was not collected and the air was dirty. Today, despite the 17 million, there is a city with no water problems. We are trying to carry Istanbul to the honor that the world has envied. We have to ensure that future generations live happily in this country and do not pay attention to other countries. We have to work hard so as not to keep track of the developing world. Geliş

Istanbul as the world's population 124, the economy is larger than the 117 country, Europe is a larger city than 23 country that expresses Kadir Topbas, said; "Istanbul is Turkey's summary and responsible world. We took this responsibility together. 13 98 billion years in Istanbul have invested. This year, we have an investment budget of 16.5 billion liras. In our period, we have invested 3.6 billion liras in Üsküdar. In the past, the IMM does not pay a salary to the government or another financial institution. We can get long term loans with the signature of the president from abroad without guarantee of Treasury. This means economic power on behalf of IMM. BB

Stating that they have renewed Üsküdar Square, Topbaş said, “I hope the Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro will open in May and the rest as August-September. In addition, the Üsküdar-Beykoz Metro Line and the Camlica-Altunizade Rail System Line will be built in the mosque in Çamlıca. Üsküdar-Kabataş We construct a 2-kilometer walking tunnel. from İncirli KadıköyWe have another subway to come to. We targeted a thousand kilometers of metro, it will be the best in the world. ”

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