The First Electric Locomotive E1000

National electric locomotive E1000
National electric locomotive E1000

Development of the first electric locomotive and E1000 Type Electric Locomotive: 1 MW electric locomotive with modern AC driving system was developed and prototype produced by TÜBİTAK MAM. Driving and control systems have been designed and manufactured domestically. Covering approximately half of the locomotive cost; Sub-system components such as traction converter, traction control unit, locomotive central control unit, traction transformer, auxiliary power unit, locomotive control and monitoring table software are completely designed and manufactured domestically. The total locality rate is over 80%.

In the world, only the developed countries and rail car sector, which has the highest value-added components, such as cer converter, drawframe control unit, central control unit, rail car driving and control systems have been designed and produced domestically.

Turkey will make the rail vehicle sector in one of the world authority National Electric Locomotive E1000, it landed on the tracks. 18 scientists took part in the project, which was carried out in partnership with TÜBİTAK MAM and TÜLOMSAŞ. Developed entirely with domestic technology, the E1000 landed on the rails with a ceremony held at Eskişehir TCDD Hasanbey Logistics Center on October 8, 2015 with the participation of the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık and the Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), a short distance maneuvers and electric locomotives equipped with features to meet the needs of freight transportation E1000, took place on the rail. The national project, supported by TÜBİTAK and involving 18 scientists, was completed after 4 years of intensive work. National electric locomotive E1000 with Turkey; The traction converter, traction control unit, train control and management system, which consists of the highest value-added components in the rail vehicle sector, owned by only developed countries in the world, has become the designer and manufacturer of the train control and management system.

E1, the modern driving and 1000 megawatt drawframe system, has performed all laboratory, software and infrastructure works, factory and road tests and prototype production. technologies which Turkey has in the project; light rail vehicles, high-speed trains can be adapted to many rail vehicles.


Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry's 2023 targets in line with life passed owned domestic technology in the project to design locomotives without depending on outside of Turkey abroad, and will be able to produce sales. National electric locomotive exports will add momentum to Turkey E1000, as well as the high current account deficit reduction in mainline locomotive power, assuming the leadership of the high-speed trains and urban rail vehicle production. E1000 realized with TÜBİTAK Public Research Support Group funds, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık ve Minister of National Education Dr. Nabi Avcıhas taken its place on the tracks with a ceremony to be held at Eskişehir TCDD Hasanbey Logistics Center with the participation of.


Performing the opening ceremony TÜBİTAK MAM President Assoc. Dr. Bahadır Tunaboylu, He said that one of the most concrete examples of domestic technologies that will carry Turkey forward is the E1000. Stating that the E1000, where all components in the rail vehicle sector are produced locally, costs 9.5 million TL, Tunaboylu said, “The design and manufacture of the first national traction converter, which is very important for our country, the hardware and software of the traction control unit, the hardware and software of the central control units, dynamic modeling studies, dynamometer tests of traction motors were carried out completely domestically in our country. Such a project to our country kazanWe are happy to climb. We wish the E1000, which came to life with the partnership of TÜBİTAK MAM, TÜLOMSAŞ and TCDD, to be beneficial for our country. KazanWe will be able to use the technologies we have developed, our trained manpower, our design ability and the way we have taken in innovation, and our advanced technology traction systems in more powerful different rail projects. We will continue to develop new technologies,” he said.


Stating that an important vision has been prepared for the restructuring of railways since 2004 at the opening ceremony. General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ Hayri Avcıunderlined that an important stage has been reached in the studies. Stating that E1000 is an important note to be recorded in history, Avcı said, “The national electric locomotive E1000 is a complete engineering success. With this project, which has been completed in 4 years, we have become one of the rare countries in the world that develops its own software and hardware in the locomotive industry. We have survived an important threshold today. As of 2016, we will start producing electric main locomotives with our own brand. Another important project ahead is the National High Speed ​​Train. We continue our works for its production. We would like to thank everyone who supports and supports the E1000, the demonstrator and herald of such a vision. ”


transmitting information about the activities performed at the ceremony for the rail transport sector in Turkey for rail vehicles that will bring electric locomotives national authorities become one of the world E1000 Talat Aydın, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications If that Turkey has achieved a great success in the rail transportation needs for technology, he said. Emphasizing that 100 percent domestic electric locomotive, led by TÜBİTAK MAM and TÜLOMSAŞ, is an important step in stepping into foreign sectors, Aydın said, “E1000 has an important place among high speed and fast railroad projects since 2003. We have given more speed to national train studies for national projects for high speed and fast transportation. Our important goals are from rail fasteners to the sleeper factory and to the production of diesel or electric locomotives and passenger wagons; at this point we have important works. With the valuable contributions of our universities, we will increase our work with modern driving systems on railways. We congratulate everyone who contributed to the E1000 and offer our thanks on behalf of our ministry. ”


Noting that the weight of the railway in the story of some cities at the ceremony
Minister of National Education Dr. Nabi AvcıHe stated that Eskişehir is one of these cities and that railway is very important in its culture. Sultan of the first rail moves in Turkey. Mentioning that it started in the reign of Abdülhamid, Minister Avcı said, “I hope that the dream of connecting our geography with railways will continue with the second move. We have projects that will revive the Silk Road over the railway. High-speed trains are also starting to flow on our tracks. A project that will appeal to the inspiration of the E1000 century, which is the property of the domestic and domestically included system. As Eskişehir, we are happy to host this auspicious development. I present our thanks to those who contributed. ”


Stating that Turkey's opening ceremony of the railway adventure based on the pre-Republican
Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık said: “You have two ways in industry today. You will either be a consuming or importing country; or a country that produces and exports. At this point, the E1000 gives us a rightful pride. The place of Eskişehir in this joy is very different. It's not just one of Turkey's railway junction adventure. The first domestic car Revolution was also produced here. If today's political understanding was in 1961, I have no doubt that the Revolution car, a Turkish brand in the world, would be one of the most preferred brands. As a country, we believe in our strength. We will take important steps in national and domestic production. Because we are now in the locomotive industry with an E1000 that has a R&D capability and develops products in the world. Now, there is the stage to start mass production. Rail systems are a sector in which demand is increasing day by day in the world. An investment of $ 18 billion is expected in the coming years. With the E1000, high speed train, our national locomotives, we will become the country that has an ambitious share in the world market. ”

Production of liquid fuel from coal

Production of Liquid Fuel from Biomass and Coal Mixes… In the project carried out within the body of TÜBİTAK MAM, the production of liquid fuels, which are commercially and strategically important for our country, from the coal and biomass mixtures that are common and nationally important for our country, and the production of liquid fuels on a pilot scale. It intended. Thus, it is aimed to create technological information packages necessary for the establishment of a pioneering industrial facility for gasification, gas cleaning, gas conditioning and liquid fuel production technologies.

The installation of the J Liquid Fuel Production from Coal and Biomass Mixtures in project (TRIGEN), which was initiated within the scope of the goal of converting domestic coal into liquid fuel with clean coal technologies, was completed in the installation of TKI Ege Lignite Plant Soma-Cenkyeri site under the pilot scale system. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2016, and it is planned to establish a pioneering industrial plant which produces liquid fuel from coal with minimum capacity of 300 barrels / day within the scope of project results implementation plan.

One hundred percent domestic electric bus on the roads

Turkey's first domestic electric buses Avenue 0 EV, which may charge an 8-minute bus on the road can go 50-70 km on one charge.

We rank first in bus and light commercial vehicle production and second in truck production in Europe. The interest in environmentally friendly vehicles and alternative fuels is increasing day by day.

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